Brow Trends for Spring 2012

Recently I’ve seen many runway shows featuring red lips, bold eyes, and bold brows, this takes me back to the 1980’s when Robert Palmer was singing Addicted to Love, or Simply Irresistible with those uber-perfect 1980’s models that all looked alike. It’s amazing how history repeats itself, even from a makeup trend perspective! So here we are on the dawn of 2012 and the brows are back!
While reading a recent beauty blog I found some truly appealing, natural, and beautiful brow looks that are perfect for everyday wear. Bushy, messy, dark, and otherwise more natural looking brows are a nice change from years past when thin was in. For those still able to grow their brows, this trend may be a nice change. For those of us who have to pencil our brows in, well, let’s get to it!
One recommendation to keep your messy brows in place is the use of a great brow gel. For me, it doesn’t matter how I brush my brows, they always end up in the perfectly thin little line that they are and I just can’t get them to stay messy UNLESS I whip out my trusty brow gel, it’s the Billon Dollar Brows Brow Gel and this stuff works. The description says “why settle for messy brows?” but you know, if you have unruly brows that want to be compliant and non-messy, it works for that too!
To get bushy brows that are all the rage I like to start with the Billon Dollar Brows Angled Tip Spooly Brush to brush my brows out to give a thicker appearance, since my brows don’t grow well growing them out is simply not an option so faking it is a great alternative. After brushing my brows out, I gently apply the brow gel and let dry. Afterward, if you want a thicker brow look you can carefully apply a medium brown eye shadow directly over the brow gel to “fill in” and empty spots or simply to add thickness to your brows. Touch up as needed to achieve your desired look.
Be a brave beauty! Try a new look this season and sport yourself a bold brow.
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