Doll Up Your Skin With The Fusion Beauty Air Glow Gun

The Air Glow Gun may give off the impression of being a little intimidating just by the looks of  this “gun”. You may be thinking, “wow I can’t even apply a self tanner let alone use an air brush machine.” You may be spending way too much at the tanning beds when you could be trying a safe alternative and more cost effective way of getting that glow. It’s time to put away your tanning goggles and give your skin a break from all of the harmful UV rays of the tanning beds and try out this air brush. This device is easy to use, and the results will far out weigh the little bit of instruction you will need to in order to use the Fusion Air Glow Gun.
You first want to prepare your skin for maximum results by exfoliating. We suggest Bliss Fabulous Foaming Body Wash. This body treatment has natural fruit extracts as well as lactic acid to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells.
To use the Fusion Beauty GlowFusion Air Glow Gun you’ll want to hold the device at least 4 inches away from the area, and you want to then create a thin layer of product mist. If you do have any drips, don’t worry you can always redue the area later. It’s not like self tanners where you can get streaks, blotchy skin, and an uneven application. You can always go back over the area if you feel you missed a spot or smudged the area. Don’t worry the tanning solution will not stain your clothes, it is odor-free, and the results are lot nicer then other self tanning products. You can have a soft glowing tan for up to two weeks. The formula comes in two colors for a customized look.
You can alternate the glow gun applications with the Fusion Beauty GlowFusion Micro Nutrient Face and Body Natural Protein Tan. This will help to even out an existing tan and will give you a nice buildable application as it gradually darkens. The fusion products are formulated for all skin types and are non-comedogenic.
Remember to also keep your skin hydrated to extend the life of your tan. If you are looking for a fragrance free body lotion that will add hydration and help to preserve your tan, try Philosophy Be Somebody Unscented Body Lotion. This has rich shea butter and jojoba to condition and protect your skin.
You will soon be on your way to beautiful glowing skin in just a few simple steps!
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