Duwop Reverse Lipliner and Eyeliner

Here at, one of the things we love most about Duwop cosmetics is how they create original products based on what’s missing from your makeup bag. As a result we get unique items that are truly addicting. For example, the Reverse Lipliner is an innovative product that every gal needs in her cosmetic case!
Reverse Lipliner is a transparent, matte, wax based pencil is used to line the outer part of the lips to prevent your lipstick from feathering and to create a natural highlight along the curves of your lips. For those flawless, red sultry lips, this is a must!

The Reverse Eyeliner has the similar goal in mind. By applying on top of your eye makeup, along your orbital bone and all the way up to your lash line, it instantly fills in fine lines and wrinkles to give the under eye area a youthful, awake appearance!



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