Focus on: UltraLuxe Overnight Drying Potion

Hide those blemishes.

Do you suffer from the occasional breakout or stubborn, painful blemish? Who doesn’t? If you don’t, thank your lucky stars! If you do, here’s the potion for you: The UltraLuxe Drying Potion.

It contains sage, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of which help to cure blemishes at the impaction site. Peppermint oil provides a mild cooling effect that promotes blood flow and healing. It is also said that over time, using peppermint oil helps to brighten dull complexions.

This product is great for a spot treatment because it can help prevent scarring from blemishes. Another stand-out ingredient in this potion is sulfur. Sulfur is a natural mineral that is found in eggs, garlic, and meat. When applied to the skin, Sulfur helps speed up cell turnover which helps to unclog pores. Sulfur also refines the skin’s texture and helps eliminate oil and the spread of acne-causing bacteria.

Apply this potion to clean skin using a q-tip for smaller areas or a cotton pad for larger inflamed areas before bed and wake up to almost perfect skin! I’m hooked and don’t think I will ever be without a bottle in my medicine cabinet.



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