Estihetician Review: Scarguard MD

A couple of years ago, I experienced a milia growing on my cheek next to my nose where my glasses sit.  This thing was ugly, annoying, and relentless.  No matter what I did, I could not remove it. I tried exfoliating, acids, and many other methods to no avail.  The milia really bother me.  One day, I was fed up and I took a needle to the thing.  It did not come out.  Instead, things got worse.  Finally, about 9 months later, I was able to extract it.  By that point, I developed a raised scar that felt as if it changed my facial features.  No amount of concealer or foundation gave me coverage because it was dark and raised.  It was obvious and embarrassing.
I decided to take a chance and try ScarGuard MD.  I’ve been using it for 2.5 weeks and the scar is virtually gone.  I kid you not!  This stuff was amazing.  I’m feeling a lot more confident and happy.  The product itself has a very strong scent that lasts a short time.  It provides a film over the scar that shrinks and flattens scar tissue.  It can be used for prevention from newly forming scars.  Recently, I did just that-I put some of the product over healing acne scar and the scar was gone in a couple of days with no traces of the acne lesion.  The active ingredients of the product are 12% Silicone (Scar management) and .5% Hydrocortisone (anti-pruritic).  Easy to use and the results may astonish you.



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