Eye Glamour – “The Rocker Eye”

It seems for the last year and into this new year, that the color red is all the rage in eye color. It seems to be popping up everywhere in the cosmetic world and even used for our famous feme fatals in the celebrity realm. It just adds that edge needed to glam up your eye for the perfect night out! Really, you ask! Why? Picture your perfect sultry, sexy, smoky eye. Now to really make those peepers pop, imagine placing a bold, wild color such as red as your base and blending in some black/grey towards those edges. How fun to imagine, however this look is not for the faint of heart!
To create:

  1. Pick a color red that is bold but deep in tone.
  2. Apply it over the entire lid
  3. Use a black or grey on the outer edges
  4. Blend, blend, blend to smooth the red to the shadowed edges
  5. For even more glam you can pat over the eyelid with a shimmer pigment in red (Optional)
  6. Finish off your look with black/ grey eyeliner, a couple coats of mascara and voila!

This will create a unique and fun eye look to add to your different makeup methods. Red is usually a color easily matched to outfits and will definitely make a bold statement. I think it’s worth giving a try, don’t you?! For specifics on how to create a smoky eye to mimic the directions of this blog, refer to the previous blog titled “Quick Tip: Sultry Smoky Eye.”
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