Featured Brand: KARUNA

Most of us are aware of the importance of serums and masks to maintain healthy skin.  Karuna is an evolution and combination of eastern wisdom and modern western knowledge. Karuna believes mask plus serum equals instant beauty results. Karuna is designed to bring compassion to your skin. Karuna sheet masks help restore skin’s vitality by pushing serum deeper onto the skin surface where ingredients are needed the most and are clinically proven to increase hydration by 40%.
The mask + serum duo offers so much more than serum, clay or gel does on its own:
– Deeply conditions skin
– Creates visibly hydrated, softer, smoother skin
– 100% all-natural fiber cloth
Made from biodegradable wood pulp natural cloth that retains 50% more moisture than synthetic material, Karuna Sheet Masks help pores fully absorb nourishing ingredients that help create instantly visible results:  Providing deeper masking benefits.
This mask contains Natto, a Japanese Soybean, which helps to retain the skin’s natural moisture levels as it exfoliates to re-boost dehydrated and dull skin. This one-step, no-rinse formula continues to absorb into the skin long after removal. This mask leaves skin visibly hydrated, softer and smoother.
Natto retains skin moisture levels.
Hyaluronic Acid infuses hydration.
Chinese Licorice helps to renew damaged skin.
Formula is 100% all natural fiber cloth, paraben free and dye free.
Recommended for dry, dull, dehydrated or sensitive skin.
Regardless of the Karuna Sheet Mask you choose, you always get the full skin care benefits.  Karuna masks are paraben and dye free.



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