Flower Power

Elegant and delicate are just a couple of words to describe some of nature’s most beautiful botanicals; flowers. Just like they add beauty to life, they are being used in different skin care products to enhance the natural beauty of our skin.
Throughout time flowers and their extracts have been used to create products to prevent and treat certain skin concerns. Each one however can differ entirely on the benefits it has to offer. Here are some of the types used and the benefits they can offer your skin.
Power of the Rose- The most known flower around the world symbolized by its enchanting beauty and smell, it offers many different benefits that range from emotional, to psychological and medicinal. Specific to skin care the rose can be used to hydrate skin, reduce redness, heal, tone/firm, and even prevent infection. No wonder the rose is the queen of all flowers! Try Decleor Aroma Night Rose D’Orient Soothing Night Balm.  
Power of the Lotus- Asian in origin, this flower is rich in vitamins B & C. That means that on top of offering great antioxidant protection it can be used to reduce brown spots, firm, and reduce fines lines/ wrinkles. It is also used to hydrate dry skin.
Power of the Hibiscus- One of the most exotic and tantalizing flowers of the tropics, it offers many different benefits. The flower is rich in AHA and amino acids. It helps to exfoliate, firm, tone, hydrate, and reduce excess oil production. It is also used in different anti-cellulite products and hair care products. Try the NUXE Aroma Vaillance Moisturizing Deep Wrinkle Emulsion, which has Hibiscus extract.
Power of Lavender- Due to the fresh clean aroma it provides, lavender is also named Lavare. The name is Latin for “to wash”. It offers to treat different inflammatory concerns such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and will also help heal wounds, cuts, or burns. For sensitive/ oily skin types it will help control oil production for a maintained ph balance. It has been used for other concerns including stress relief and sleep aid.
Power of the Orchid- This unique and ravishing flower holds both protective and regenerative properties. While offering to protect from different environmental hazards, it also assists in hydrating the skin. Certain parts of the orchid are supposed to have water-holding capabilities. These properties alone are enough to aid in faster skin renewal!



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