Gift Ideas Featuring Juara Skin Care

Last year I found the perfect Christmas gifts for some family members who were on my list that I hadn’t seen in years and really had no clue what to get them. I admit, I’m a huge Juara fan and I am totally on team candlenut which is one of their signature scents. It is the most sensational smell that is best described as warm, clean, slightly nutty and sweet. Simply put, candlenut is divine! So what did I gift?
The Juara Candlenut Soap Set is perfectly packaged for gifting. Everyone uses soap of some sort, but this 100% vegetable soap is scented with candlenut and packaged in an attractive gift box so it makes a wonderful gift. I also included the Juara Candlenut Hand and Body Balm because it is versatile and makes for an excellent gift for dry winter hands and body care. To top off the gifts, I included the Candlenut Body Crème, for this one, all I have to say is check out the 42 raving customer reviews and I think that you will be sold.
What are you gifting this holiday season?

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