Hello Gorgeous, Goodbye Imperfections!

Do you need some help in clearing your face of acne and unwanted shine? I have the perfect antidote for the problem! There are a few products which can act as a product for many faces to address major skin concerns. Clogged pores, oily skin and blemishes…do those sound familiar to you? This is one of the major areas of concern these days. So… find a way to say hello to a pure complexion and wave goodbye to the problem cuprits.
Two products with innovative formulas have shined their way into the spot light. The first is Normaderm Hydrating Care by Vichy which was created to hydrate the skin while stopping the cycle of acne related imperfections. The product formulation includes Zincadone+ (used to control oils within the skin and fight impurities), Intra-Pore Technology (used to purify, exfoliate, and sooth the skin) and Vichy Thermal Spring Water (rich in rare minerals that sooth and fortify). If your skin is very congested and blemish prone, this would be your recommended product. If you are oily or shiny on top of those concerns, then you could apply the PRO Mat over the Hydrating Care. Just make sure you remember that you should only apply thin layers of your products over the entire face.
The Normaderm PRO Mat is an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer that gives an instant matte finish. The product uses Dry Finish Technology which absorbs the excess oils in your skin to leave a soft, almost lightly powdered appearance and also provides SPF 15 protection. Another great note for this particular item is that it makes for a great makeup base! Foundation users know how useful it is to have a smooth, even texture to apply your makeup over. For that flawless application if you do not have acneic or blemish prone skin, you wouldn’t need to use the Hydrating Care. All you would need would be the Pro Mat unless you needed extra hydration or just wanted the added blemish preventing benefits. Aside from the fact that these two products rock, the product line itself is a winner. Most all of the products are made for even the most sensitive skin types (clinically tested), and have that feel good/ smell good kind of experience that ends your efforts with a smile!
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