How to Achieve a Pin-Up Look!

What beauty secrets did the women of the 1940’s & 50’s have that gave them such a natural, flawless, and radiant appearance? Beauties from the pin up era knew how to knock em’ dead with their strong portrayal of confidence and sexiness. The defining look was the girl next door with a little bit of spice, but most of all classic beauty. With just a few beauty guidelines, you can get that picture perfect pin-up girl look too!
Applying makeup to match the look is very simple. Starting with foundation, I would suggest using powder unless your face is very dry. If you need to, you can use liquid foundation as your base and set the liquid with a powder. Your foundation needs to be matte in application with very little to no shimmer; Amazing Cosmetics or bareMinerals may be options to check out. Remember less is more and we are shooting for natural with a splash of spice. Next, you can apply just a hint of blush in a shade of pink most natural to your skin tone. You want to apply just enough to give that natural flushed look to your cheeks. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and also slightly to the area above the temples.
Moving onto the eyes, which is where some of that spice comes in… you will want to start your shadow base by using a neutral tone similar to your natural eyelid, apply on the entire lid. You can choose to leave the lid area bare, but make sure you apply foundation as a base. Next, use a light brown shadow in the crease area of your lid to add definition – blend out any excess color or blotchiness. Then, apply a silver or light beige shadow to the area directly beneath the eyebrow to highlight and enhance your eye. The next step is eyeliner, preferably in black for medium to dark complexions or brown for fair to light complexions. Eyeliner should be applied to both the top and bottom of the eyelid. The eyeliner applied to the top eyelid, should start from the inner corner of the eye and should extend just a little past the outer corner of the eyelid in a wing tip manner, similar to today’s trend of the cat eye, just not as extreme or drawn out. The lines should be as straight as possible and not too thick. The bottom eyelid should also be lined all the way across but can be softer or smudged. To finish off the eyes use a couple of layers of mascara to create a full and lengthy lash line. Colorescience Mascara – Pitch Black is great or for thicker lashes Too Faced Lash Injection is fantastic also. Want to go all out? You can apply false eyelashes to really make your eyes stand out! Ooh la la!
Adding more spice, we move to the lips! This step is the last, but most important step to achieve the pin-up look. Red is not only super hot this season, it is also the icing on the cake for your pin-up look. It’s best to apply shades of red which compliment your skin tone. If you are unsure what shade of red fits you best, a perfect lipstick to try is DuWop Private Red. It is a color changing lipstick that changes into your own personal shade of red. If you happen to be one of those gals who simply cannot pull off red, you can choose to wear deeper tones of pink similar to magenta. Whatever lipstick you choose be sure it’s not shimmery or glossy. After your lipstick is applied, you have just completed your pin-up girl face.
Finally…if you want to put together the complete look and head out on the town or to the picture studio; throw on that halter top dress, slip on those sleek pumps and style up those do’s. Pin-up hair is usually wavy if down or pinned in barrel curls if placed in an updo. Now you are officially ready to go knock em’ out with your classy, stunning pin-up appeal. Have fun ladies and show them what you’ve got!
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