How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye With Stila

Retro makeup looks are in full swing. The cat eye is at the pinnacle of this major trend. This is a gorgeous, fun, and flirty look that is complimentary on every eye and face shape. Achieving it however can be slightly challenging so here are a few sure-fire tips to get the cat eye you desire all on your own.

  1. First you need a quick drying liquid liner pen. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is ideal for this look as it dries in seconds and doesn’t flake or crack. (If you choose  to wear false lashes this eyeliner is perfect, as it is waterproof so it won’t smear from the lash glue).
  2. Starting from the inner corner of your eye make a thin line across your lash line. Do not pull your eyelid taut as this can make the line uneven.
  3. At the end of your lash line make a thin line upward that has a slight angle, similar to a check mark.
  4. Now slightly build the line upward at the point where the line meets the lash line. Build it to the thickness that is desired or add width to the liner at lash line for an extra retro look.

Finish off with a matte red lip for ultra sexy pin up glamour!
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