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Hyperpigmentation And SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator

We all have many skincare concerns, but how do you know if you have a specific one that we call hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is irregular pigmentation of the skin that ranges from light freckling, to excessively dark patches of pigment. Usually hyperpigmentation occurs from unwarranted sun exposure, certain medications, or can be caused by certain skin conditions such as Vitiligo. If you want to know more about hyperpigmentation and how to recognize it, please read my blog: How To Treat Hyperpigmentation.
You know that you have hyperpigmentation, and want to address it, but don’t want to go the hydroquinone route. You’re leery of using hydroquinone because you’ve heard of side effects such as acquired skin sensitivity, irritation, or thinning of the skin. Or perhaps you’re a person of color, and are hesitant of using hydroquinone as it is known to cause hypopigmentation and excessive bleaching of the skin. If this describes you, read on…
While hydroquinone is one of the most effective and potent skin lighteners available on the market, it’s not the best choice for everyone, and although a 2% concentration is available over the counter, hydroquinone is most effective when used at a 4% concentration, and 4% is available only through your dermatologist. But now, there’s a product that the hydroquinone-apprehensive can use to achieve hydroquinone-like results. Leave it to SkinCeuticals, a leading pioneer in the beauty industry, to create an effective lightening agent to cure your pigmentation woes. Introducing SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator… a patent-pending lightening agent that utilizes a sophisticated blend of ingredients to safely and effectively lighten your skin as well as a 4% hydroquinone prescription. 
In a double-blind clinical study SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator was evaluated against 4% hydroquinone on a variety of characteristics. There was no statistical difference identified in the pigment lightening aptitude of the two agents. Both hydroquinone and SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator attained similar results in reducing excess pigment in the skin, promoting an even skin tone, and an overall even appearance to the skin’s surface.  SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator is able to achieve such remarkable results through an advanced blend of safe, effective lightening agents. The star ingredient of the product is kojic acid at a 2% concentration, which reduces production of excess melanin and works as a tyrosinase inhibitor (tyrosinase is a hyperactive enzyme found in melanin which produces pigment). You’ll also find 2% embilica concentrate in this remarkable blend, which prevents excess melanin from reaching the skin’s surface, while it provides antioxidant protection and naturally brightens the skin. In addition, a concentration of 10% alpha hydroxyl acids (as glycolic and aminosulfonic) work to resurface the skin and break up surface melanin clusters, as well as to push active product deeper into the skin.
SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator is a highly advanced and cosmetically elegant formulation with an effective approach to skin lightening. Pigment Regulator is a safe and effective alternative to irritating topicals and can be used daily, year-round, long term, without unhealthy side effects, there is no need to take breaks away from this product like you would with hydroquinone. Moreover, Pigment Regulator will not discolor the skin or cause hypopigmentation like many other lightening agents. We recommend using Pigment Regular as part of a comprehensive lightening regimen. Here is a step-by-step regimen which incorporates Pigment Regulator as well as other products which promote pigment correction and overall skin health:
Cleanse & Tone: SkinCeuticals cleanser and toner suitable to your skin type
Prevent: Phloretin CF
Even: Phyto+
Smooth: Retexturing Activator
Lighten: Pigment Regulator
Moisturize: SkinCeuticals moisturizer (Renew, Emollience or A.G.E.)
Protect: SkinCeuticals broad-spectrum sunscreen
Cleanse & Tone: SkinCeuticals cleanser and toner suitable to your skin type
Even: Phyto+
Smooth: Retinol 0.5 or 1.0 as tolerated or recommended by an esthetician
Moisturize: SkinCeuticals moisturizer (Renew, Emollience or A.G.E.)
If you have questions about the SkinCeuticals product line or the Pigment Regulator feel free to contact us. You can also consult with one of our licensed, trained estheticians to assist you in building an appropriate regimen for your individual skin type and concerns. Otherwise, visit us at SkinStore to get your Pigment Regulator!

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