Introducing Pomega5

Natural and hypoallergenic, the Pomega5 line is nature’s recipe for your skin. Pomega5 is a skin care line based around the pomegranate fruit and the essential fatty acid it produces through its seeds, Omega 5. This essential fatty acid is one of the most potent antioxidants known to modern science, almost six times more potent than Grape Seed Extract. Omega 5 is a high energy molecule that helps to calm inflammation, reduces aging free radicals, is easily absorbed into the skin and it is a plant-based estrogen (phytoestrogen). Phytoestrogen ingredients help to support hormonal imbalance in the skin which can lead to breakouts or dryness.
The healing oil from the pomegranates seeds can be found in every product within the Pomega5 line. Each product tries to incorporate at least one ingredient from the sea, soil, plants and flowers. Pomega5 is part of a lifelong mission from the creator to provide you with a brand that is safe, honest and authentic.
Top Three products from Pomega5:
– Pomega5 Healing Cream
– Pomega5 Grenade Anti Rides Nourishing Cream
– Pomega5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate
See our Q & A with the creator of Pomega5 here.



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