Karuna Treatment Masks

This innovative line of at-home masks has achieved the bring-the-spa-home experience without any fuss. With each Karuna Treatment Mask box you receive 4 individual treatments for once weekly pampering. The pre-cut mask is made with wood-pulp material which allows for 50% more product to be deposited into the skin. Such a unique design allows the skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients, even after the mask is removed from the skin. There’s no need to rinse the mask off, instead peel the mask off and massage the treatment into the skin for further benefits!
The base to all Karuna mask is the ‘Karuna Beauty Boost’ which consists of extracts of Chinese licorice, aloe vera, chamomile for calming and soothing, vitamin B for its high levels of hydration, and peptides to fight all signs of aging. This blend is created to heal, detox and renew, to bring all skin types to perfect harmony.
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