Perricone MD Easy Cleansing Treatment!

Are you looking for a quick, efficient cleanser? Feel the need for a second deeper cleanse? Want some exfoliation without any rough scrubbing? Look no further; this cold plasma cleansing treatment made by Perricone MD is a no-rinse formula that deeply cleanses and removes makeup and skin-aging debris as it gently exfoliates and conditions, leaving an instantly smooth and radiant appearance.

Utilizing Perricone’s exclusive Cold Plasma technology, as well as Micellar molecules, this dual-cleaning treatment will target impurities without stripping the skin’s essential oils, and it also helps to trap any impurities and purify pores.

What Is Cold Plasma Technology?

If you are unfamiliar with the Cold Plasma technology, it is a gentle, bio-specific peel that gently removes dead skin cells while leaving healthy skin unimpaired.

The blue color in the Cold Plasma Cleansing Treatment comes from two key ingredients: Copper and Salmon Egg Enzymes.

Copper helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as rejuvenate skin cells in aging tissue, boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

Salmon Egg Enzymes gently remove dead skin cells, resurfacing and restoring radiance, leaving the skin fresh and bright. The enzymes target only dead skin cells, unlike many chemical acids that generally break down both dead and living skins cells. Pairing these two key ingredients together helps to exfoliate, regenerate, and hydrate at the same time, making this a vital step in any regimen.

Why is it my favorite product?

I love trying anything new and this is one product that I always keep on hand. Whether I am using it as a second cleanser, a toner, or a lazy girl cleanser, this is one of my must-have products. It is very gentle on my sensitive skin and it delivers the promised results. After using, my skin feels refreshed, ultra-clean and left with a velvet finish.

With an affordable price, great results and a 3-month supply, this would be a wonderful addition to any regimen.



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