Do you ever experience red, raised, dry, itchy, or irritated skin? Most adults and many children have probably experienced these conditions a few times in their lives. While some are more serious skin conditions, there are some very common minor culprits known as rashes. Take a look at just a few of the most common rashes to better identify your skin concerns with:
• Drug Rash- The most common type of rash is usually developed from an allergic reaction to medication. It can be from any type of medication including antibiotics, anti-seizure and diuretics. This type of rash usually appears within the 1st week after taking medication. You might initially see individual red spots that can spread throughout large areas of the body and can last for up to a few weeks even after ending the medication. There are cases where it can be serious and a physician should always be contacted in case of a drug rash.
• Heat Rash- Another common rash that’s usually not very serious, and can be resolved with proper self treatment. Heat rash occurs due to hot, humid weather, tight fitting or synthetic fabric clothing which interferes with the flow of sweat. Heat rash is sometimes called Prickly Heat, as it has a pins and needles sensation when inflamed. To avoid heat rash you should keep skin cool and dry, wear loose fitting cotton clothing.

• Diaper Rash- A form of inflamed skin which appears as a bright red pattern usually on a baby’s bottom. It usually occurs due to frequently wet or infrequently changed diapers. Other causes include diarrhea, improper ventilation, use of antibiotics, and even with change of diet. This type of rash can easily be treated at home usually with common over the counter diaper rash ointment.
• Swimmers Itch- This rash is usually from an allergic reaction to a waterborne parasite which burrows into the top layer of the skin. It appears as tiny bumps or blisters that can burn and itch. This rash can worsen with increased exposure to infected water and may even increase skin sensitivity. At home remedies such as calming lotions or baths may relieve symptoms and this condition usually resolves within a week.
With a better understanding of skin conditions you can be prepared to prevent skin ailments and combat the most common skin irritants! If you have a rash consult with your physician immediately for best treatment recommendations.
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