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These days finding skin in perfect condition is almost impossible. We weren’t created that way but there are solutions to achieve that perfect skin tone. Depending on environmental damage your skin has been affected by, different skin conditions you may have or skin concerns passed on by heredity; there is a way to help achieve perfection, at least temporarily. Dermablend has different products for many different concerns and offers amazing results.
The products have been featured on different television shows, worn by different actors, and raved about by makeup artists around the world as well. I cannot count how many times I have personally been asked about the products or asked to help assist someone with the products. There are basically 4 different categories that most all skin concerns can be addressed by.
The first is the Dermablend Cover Creme. It can provide long lasting full coverage of vitilligo, birthmarks, rosacea, redness, scars, bruises, and pigmentation disorders. The Dermablend Leg & Body Cover can provide long lasting full coverage of tattoos, stretch marks, varicose veins, spider veins, bruises, scars, and burns. The Quick Fix Concealer can provide long lasting full coverage of dark under eye circles, blemishes, age spots, freckles, scars and bruises. Lastly the Smooth Indulgence Foundation offers coverage of rosacea, redness, minor acne scars and uneven skin tone.
Depending on your concerns, you’d want to appropriately match up the product with your skin. There are numerous options which cover a wide range of colors or shades. The most common question when looking towards Dermablend products is, “How do I know what color to get?” It is pretty difficult to try and consult for a color over the phone, since we can’t see you. We do suggest however that you either find a local store to do a color test against your skin or you can view the color chart online.
Among finding the right shade, inquiries on application are sought out frequently. Suggestion of application on the Cover Crème Foundation includes, removing a small amount from your jar, warming it on the back of your hand using small circular motions to soften the product, apply over the area of concern using short tapping motions to ensure full coverage, and then blend outward. If you desire extra coverage on the area, then tap on more cream. To ensure wear and to waterproof the coverage, make sure to use the setting powder. You’d want to wait to apply the setting powder until the crème is completely dry on the skin. Powder on your covered areas and wait two minutes. You may then dust off any excess powder with a makeup brush. Application for the Leg & Body Cover include, applying product with your fingertip to the specific area of concern using up and down motions. Make sure you work quickly to avoid any harsh color lines and make sure you blend out the edges of the select area. Before you apply the setting powder to the area, make sure you allow 3-5 minutes for the area to dry. After you pat on the setting powder, wait 2 minutes and then brush off the excess powder.
The Quick- Fix Concealer would need to be applied with your fingertips after warming the product to soften the texture. Apply it to your area of concern and remember to blend out to avoid lines or unevenness in product. Don’t forget to use the setting powder for long wear and durability. Lastly, application for the Smooth Indulgence Foundation includes using the Dermablend foundation brush. It is suggested you work from the inner face, outward in light stokes. You can dab on more product if needed in concern areas. Make sure to blend product down the neck, around the ears and into the forehead area until the maximum coverage is achieved. Don’t forget the setting powder!
 The brand is amazing as are the results. If you have a concern or condition that you need assistance with, you should definitely give these products a try. You will be happy with what you receive! Smiles are ahead of you!
You can find more information about Dermablend at SkinStore.



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