Stretch Marks

Millions of people have stretch marks, but do we really know what causes them? Stretch marks can be caused from an influx of hormones so that is why we generally see them during our adolescent years and during pregnancy. Some studies suggest that stretch marks are not caused from the skin stretching, but rather appear in the dermis of the skin when there is an increase in hormones.
Stretch marks occur when the elastic fibers in the dermis of the skin become damaged or expand too much, thus causing scarring the skin to scar. The most common areas of stretch marks are usually on the thighs,hips,abdomen, arms, and breasts. This is especially true if you are pregnant or experience an extreme weight loss or gain. When people gain weight hormones are produced and metabolized by fat cells.
To help lessen the appearance of stretch marks you can try cocoa or shea butter, vitamin E and A, or even a good sunless tanner. A prescription retinoid will help to boost collagen and elastin so this may help the appearance of stretch marks, over the counter retinol products may be a good choice too. It is best to use a product on a newer stretch mark for a period of time to get the full benefits. Laser therapy could be an option for some, but can be quite costly so it is important to weigh your options first.
One product you may want to give a try before opting for surgery is Strivectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles. The new and improved SD contains a patented formula known as NIA-114 which will help to strengthen and improve the texture of your skin by rebuilding skin layers. The new Strivectin SD also contains added peptides to improve wrinkles and stretch marks and will help to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. It will also help cell turnover which will even out skin tone and help to fade discolorations.
It is best to consult your doctor first for the best treatment options especially if you are pregnant or have any skin sensitivity.
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