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The Power of Fragrance (Men’s)

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Dating back centuries ago was the use of fragrance noted as important! It was known back then as aromatherapy and is still used in our advanced times today. Fragrance is marked as an easy way to leave a lasting impression. It has been linked in many different research studies to a connection with mood, emotion and even memory. The emotions found are such as happy, refreshed, sad, or even sensual. There has been research that has “showed that the use of a wide variety of colognes produced a positive change in mood over a period of weeks for both men and women” ; “for male participants, fragrance reduced depression and other similarly negative mood states.” Schiffman, S.S., Sattely-Miller, E.A., Suggs, M.S., & Graham, B.G. (1995) Fragrance has been known to help soothe or calm, and overall to create an experience. “For example, an investigation of ylang-ylang oil found a decrease in autonomic nervous system responses (blood pressure and pulse rate) but an increase in subjective measures of alertness and attentiveness”  Hongratanaworakit, T. & Buchbauer, G. (2004) So I would indeed ask you; why wouldn’t you include fragrance in your daily routine? I happened to do a short research inquiry on my own with both men and women, to ask which men’s fragrance has left a lasting impression in their memory (if any even came to mind at all), and the reason for the selection. It came back in my research that not one participant, could not provide a men’s fragrance of choice! That is an amazing result! Here are the recommendations they provided with reasons, which I will share with all of you when trying to decide on a great men’s fragrance for yourself if male or one to indulge yourself in if female for the man in your life.

  • Clean Men Eau de Toilette – “not overpowering, and makes me feel fresh and clean!” – Male participant
  • Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria – “the name says it all…it’s intense, intoxicating, and sexy; just how a man should be.” – Female participant
  • Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani – “I can smell it a mile away and it just smells so good!” – Female participant & Male participant
  • L’Homme Summer Limited Edition by Yves Saint Laurent – “it’s a fresh, nicely scented cologne and makes my signature impression.” – Male participant
  • Jack Black Signature Black Mark Eau de Parfum – “it has a really soft woodsy smell that is yummy smelling year round. It’s not too strong for the summer months and that is important because there is nothing worse than musty fragrance in the summertime. By using this sparingly, it also lasts a long time making it a really great investiment.” – Female participant
  • L’Eau d”Issey Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray by Issey Miyake – “it combines an intoxicating mix of ying & yang. It is fresh and clean, yet warm and inviting. Some of the notes include blue water lily, nutmeg, saffron, yuzu yest, tangerine, verbena, geranium bourbon, and cypress. It’s a must have for the stylish contemporary man.” – Female participant
  • Marc Jacobs Men by Marc Jacobs – “I give Marc Jacobs to all the men in my life for gifts. I love this scent, it’s masculine but very refreshing.” – Female participant
  • Any Kenneth Cole Fragrance – “most all fragrances created by him are all so masculine, but each different and intense. They last all day and create an instinct to remember when and where you smell it!” – Male participant & Female participant

  So as you can see from each listed participant, they have all experienced the power of fragrance and have been influenced enough to remember what has left the ultimate impression! I advise each of you to go exploring to a near by retailer, grab some samples, test them against your skin, indulge and find what impression you’d love to imprint in the memory of those who surround you. With all of that being said, I leave you with this quote: “Odors have an altogether peculiar force, in affecting us through association; a force differing essentially from that of objects addressing the touch, the sight or the hearing.” – Edgar Allen Poe  Sources:   Schiffman, S.S., Sattely-Miller, E.A., Suggs, M.S., & Graham, B.G. (1995). The effect of pleasant odors and hormone status on mood of women at mid-life. Brain Research Bulletin, 36, 19-29.   Schiffman, S.S., Suggs, M.S., & Sattely-Miller, E.A. (1995). Effects of pleasant odors on mood of males at mid-life: Comparison of African-American and European- American men. Brain Research Bulletin, 36(1), 31-37.   Hongratanaworakit, T. & Buchbauer, G. (2004). Evaluation of the harmonizing effect of ylang-ylang oil on humans after inhalation. Planta Medica. Georg Thieme Verlag, 70(7), 632-636.   Click here for more delicious Men’s Fragrances.  

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