Vera Wang Glam Princess Eau de Toilette Spray

Sometimes I wake up and feel like a princess. My Egyptian cotton sheets are softer than clouds, my fluffy Persian cat is purring at my feet, the sun is shining, and the whole house smells like coffee. It’s the happiest, most princessy day of the week… Saturday! Besides dressing up, shopping, and getting my hair blown out, I’m not doing a thing. But on days like Monday, Wednesday, and even Friday I’m feeling like Cinderella (before Price Charming came along). When you’re in a rush to wash your face, grab a Venti and make it into the office before the clock strikes nine, then you feel anything but royal.
To feel a bit more fabulous I reach for Vera Wang Glam Princess on those slogging weekdays. The initial shock of refreshing red berries, guava and juicy pear get your mouth watering, and as the day wears on so does the fragrance, releasing notes of honey, vanilla, and cedar wood. The bottle is also super cute and great for gift giving (hey, the holidays are coming!), but the most amazing thing about this scent is that it lasts and lasts. It’s original and classic at the same time, just like Vera Wang wedding gowns!
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