Why We Love Dry Shampoo

Have you ever had days when you just do not want to re-wash your hair?  It may be for the time it takes, the use of several products, or you’re just still in love with how awesome your hairstylist was able style your hair at your last appointment. We have all been there.  And this is where dry shampoo comes into play.  We love dry shampoo for many reasons. The main reason would be the time we save by just using one product to freshen our hair.  But there are a few others as well.  Dry shampoo absorbs oil, product buildup, and other impurities on our scalp.  It also nourishes and soothes our scalp during the process.  Adding volume to your hair is a breeze with dry shampoo.  Using dry shampoo also cuts down the heat damage applied to your hair. This automatically results in less damage to your hair while extending the life of your hair color.  And last but not least, it has a little magical way of extending the life of that amazing blowout or sassy style.
Alterna BAMBOO Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo is an amazing dry shampoo!  The formula is in a spray can that sprays translucent.  This type of spray formula and application method prevents any visible powdery residue to remain. Alterna’s formula also has Color Hold® technology to help retain and protect your hair color. Alterna’s Dry Shampoo is available in three scents, Mango Coconut, Lemon Sugar, and Sheer Blossom.  Grab a can and join the world of dry shampoo lovers!

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