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Top Tips for Surviving the Sales

There are plenty of things we love about Summer. Floaty outfits, evening strolls, frozen margaritas – they all top our list. There’s also another firm favorite on our list which (unsurprisingly!) is related to beauty, and that is Summer sales!

Sale shopping can sometimes be seen as stressful. There are so many different types of sales and so many different types of sale shoppers, from the ones who know exactly where to find the best bargains, to the ones who impulse shop when a sale email lands in their inbox.

Surviving the sales can sure be an art form, so we have one question to pose to you: do you know how to be sales savvy? If not, then fear not. We’ve put together some insider tips on exactly what to buy and how, making the best of the season’s promotions and offers. Shopping for your beauty needs can be as fun and beneficial as you make it, so take a read of our guide below and survive the Summer beauty sales the smart way!


1. Shop Online

We may be biased, but in general, the best sales are found online. Yes, be ready to bid farewell to the mediocre discount you get down at your local beauty store: its online where prices seriously drop. On top of that, you get a much wider selection to browse, with additional benefits such as discounted postage, free gifts with purchases, or little sachets thrown in. Sites that specialize in beauty products are usually the best places to shop due to getting the most substantial discounts. Specialist beauty retailers like to listen to their customers and tailor any promotions to reflect their favorite brands and shopping habits, so you can usually rely on finding the most suitable deals. One of the best things about sales shopping is that it makes a great time to experiment with new makeup products, textures and colors that you wouldn’t usually try out. Jane Iredale has recently brought out some experimental new texture makeup products in the form of Jelly Jar Eye Liners and Kohl Highlighters and Eyeliners in one, which come in a range of dramatic smokey shades.  It’s new launched like this which make great sales buys!

2. Investment Shop

There’s no time like the sales to shop for a good old investment purchase. When it comes to beauty, cosmetics and haircare, we regularly top up on our favorite brands and trusty products week after week. Use sales to your advantage and spurlge on those items you have always lusted after, but have feared the price tag. For example, a luxury vanity case, a high quality hair straightener, or an impressive cleansing device is more of an investment buy as it’s a ‘special’ item. Something like a FOREO LUNA™ 2 for Sensitive Skin is ideal to try to get your hands on when shopping the sales, as it’s a staple beauty buy which can act as a ‘forever’ item. FOREO goes beyond cleansing by using sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores without abrasion or harsh chemicals. The device delivers the deepest cleansing possible while staying gentle on your skin —making skin more receptive to skin care ingredients (up to 61% of Vitamin C). With regular daily use, dry skin patches, oily areas and blemishes are immediately improved. It’s items like this that also double us as lovely gifts too!

3. Upgrade to the Best

How many of you lust after a certain beauty or hair tool, but end up purchasing a lower/standard spec because you’re too afraid to spend the cents? We feel you – we do this too. It’s a common one with hair straighteners or hairdryers, where we all want that noise reduced, lightweight hair dryer which comes with 3 heat settings, frizz reduction and ionized benefits. This is where Summer sales really work to your advantage, as you can use this opportunity to make sure you get the higher spec model of your beauty tool, without purchasing at full price. Sales are always the best time to do this for hairdryers – when you own the top quality styler, you know it will last the test of time and won’t need replacing.

4. Give a Gift

It goes without saying that there is no time like the Summer sales to get your nifty Christmas shopping done! We know… it seems far to ahead of time. But when the beauty sales kick in, you’ll usually find the best discounts and savings actually apply to beauty sets and kits, allowing you to stock up on those luxury gifts. It’s hard to find a lady out there who doesn’t appreciate the gift of beauty- whether it be your Mom, Sister or girlfriends. If you have any expecting Mom-to-be friends out there, why not jump in a little early and gift them with a dedicated pregnancy essentials kit? It’s these thoughtful little gift sets that mean the world to others, and if you can shop them whilst they are on offer, you’ll be setting yourself in a good position for Christmas!

5. Go Premium

High end, premium beauty brands are sometimes just there for us to dream about owning, endlessly hoping someone will gift them to us. However, if you search the online beauty sales at the best times, you’d be surprised which top quality brands get reduced. At the height of the Summer sales, some premium brands are given a generous 25% off, which technically is a huge saving when the brand can be so prestigious. If splurging on premier brands is something you don’t usually do, search the sales next time you spy them online and check out some of those brands you’ve been eyeing up. One of our favorites is SkinMedica, the science backed brand which is one of our customers favorites.

6. The ‘It’ Products

There’s always one – whether it’s a beauty editors favorite, a quirky new brand or a product which appears all over the press, ‘IT’ products are around. They can be risky, they can be exciting, but they can be highly desired too. Again, utilize the Summer sale periods to experiment with these, making sure you grab these when they are at a bargain price (incase you tend to disagree with the beauty editor!). One of the most excitable brands to launch on SkinStore currently is Grow Gorgeous, with their Hair Density Serum racking up lots of coverage in the beauty press to. The concentrated salve leaves hair looking longer, whilst feeling fuller, healthier and thicker. Made with a 21.5% active complex that combines seven different technologies, the hair density serum contains an 8% Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 and Clover Flower Extract Active Complex which works within eight days to improve visible hair length, whilst increasing hair density by 13% over the course of four months.

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