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Body Brushing: The Body Care Trend You Need

Body Brushing: The Body Care Trend You Need
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What does self-care mean to you? Is it meditation, cleaning, a hot bubble bath or even binging your favorite show on Netflix (no judgment)? There’s a million ways to take care of yourself, but a new trending method has caught our eye. We’re talking about body brushing! Incorporating body brushing into your regular body care routine has some amazing benefits, and is a great way to take time for you each week. See why we love our SkinStore body brush and why you will too:

Benefits of Body Brushing:

Aside from the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan, body brushing has incredible benefits for your body and skin. It’s an easy way to detox, exfoliate, tone and more:

We Don’t Want No Scrubs:

We all know that regular exfoliation keeps our skin smooth and healthy, but finding a good scrub can be difficult. And for you sensitive skin babes, scrubs can be a bit too rough to use all over your body. Using a dry body brush can feel rough at the beginning, but the more you use it, the less rough it will feel. Regular dry body brushing also primes your skin to better absorb any other products you use, like body creams and serums.

Out With the Old:

How many juice cleanses have you started and immediately wished for it to be over? We’ve got a new solution to detoxing your body. Dry body brushing engages the lymphatic system and stimulates lymphatic flow to naturally detox your body. Lymphatic flow helps remove bacteria, toxins and waste from the body, so not only will you be ridding your body of waste, but you’ll also be strengthening your immune system.

Skip Your Starbucks:

It’s recommended that you use your body brush first thing in the morning. Using a dry body brush in long strokes all over your body activates the nervous system, which in turn increases blood flow. This results in a natural boost of energy, and makes it the perfect addition to your morning routine.

How To Use a Dry Body Brush:

As previously stated, the recommended time to use your body brush is in the morning, before you shower. We’d also suggest standing in your shower or bathtub to catch any dead skin that sloughs off. The first step to body brushing is starting with your feet. Using long, fluid strokes, work your way up your legs. Brush all around your legs, making several brushes in each area, and overlap as you go. As you move up your legs, it’s important to remember that every stroke should come toward your heart in order to correctly activate lymphatic flow. You can body brush all over your body—soles of your feet, legs, arms, stomach, back and buttocks. For your arms and legs, brushing towards the heart is always the key. For your back and buttocks, always brush up, not down. For your stomach, brush in a counterclockwise circle. You should consistently be able to see a rosy blush in the areas you body brush, and your daily routine should be anywhere from 3-5 minutes. While your body brush will feel rough at the beginning, you never want the brush to be so stiff that it breaks the skin. Start using your brush at least once a week, and eventually work your way up to 3-4 times per week.  

After You’ve Body Brushed:

After you’ve finished your body brushing routine, hop in the shower and start the rest of your morning! Make sure that you are moisturizing all over your body, just like you would after using an exfoliating scrub. We also love incorporating our favorite body oil after body brushing because the skin is so refreshed and able to fully absorb body products.
Another important thing to remember with your body brush is to make sure it gets cleaned. You can use tea tree essential oil, or your favorite antibacterial soap and water. Make sure it’s able to dry fully between uses so your brush stays clean and fresh!Are you going to add a body brush into your morning routine now? There are so many great benefits from such a short, simple regimen, you can’t NOT want a body brush! Shop on SkinStore today, and get a free SkinStore body brush when you spend just $80!

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