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The Expert Take: Elizabeth’s Core Routine

The Expert Take: Elizabeth’s Core Routine
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Meet Elizabeth M. Donat, LE.  A NY, CT and internationally licensed esthetician with over two decades of experience in the beauty industry. For more skincare tips, tricks, and a professional insight, please check out her website and Instagram at

From Elizabeth,

As an esthetician, it's crucial that all my clients have a strong core routine. This core routine will optimize your skin and help address the most common skincare concerns: sagging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dryness and breakouts.  

This core routine includes: retinol (for cellular renewal, wrinkles & breakouts) , antioxidants (to brighten, fight free radicals & support collagen), moisturizer (lipid support), hydration (binding water to the skin, plumping) and an SPF (protection, antiaging, brightening) that contains a physical agent like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  

These are the links to some core products I love:

Elizabeth's Core Routine

A remarkable retinol to start with if you're not using one or if you have sensitive skin. 

Or this one, if you're already a retinol pro and want an advanced formula.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and this formulation works for so many people, giving them an instant glow and healthy skin. Plus, it helps fade pigmentation and supports collagen.

Another trusted brand. Excellent antioxidant profile and very effective.

Awesome daily moisturizer for dryer, more mature skin types. 

Same brand, amazing moisturizer for oily skin or sensitive/post procedure skin.

A beautiful way to hydrate with this serum.  The skin just drinks it up.

Another fantastic hydrator. Hyaluronic Acid is a proven water binder.

This brush on SPF makes putting on sunblock a no-brainer and great on the go.  You don't have to use your hands to apply or worry about disrupting makeup.

I love a good tinted SPF!  You can skip your foundation in the hot, steamy months and use a broad spectrum spf with a tint for light coverage.

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