20 Years of Haircare: Celebrating Professional Hair Products

Haircare has come along way in 20 years. From the crispy hair gel up-do’s of the 1990’s to the curly blow dries of 2017, we sure have experimented with hair products, tools and styles like it’s going out of fashion. Here at Skinstore, we’re lucky enough to have been on your hair journey with you, following the highs (and sometimes lows!) of American hair culture since our birth in 1997. Now, as we turn the grand old age of 20, we’re looking back at 20 Years of Haircare as we celebrate the growth of professional hair products on Skinstore from 1997 – 2017.


Professional Hair Products in the 1990’s

Skinstore launched in 1997 and so we were here with you to witness the (now questionable) space buns, butterfly clips and curtain-inspired centre partings of the 90’s. As much as it makes us cringe looking back, there was a time when we thought a hair crimper and mini braids were the bees knees… And hey, we still have the pictures to prove it! Just look at Gwen Stefani at the MTV Music Awards of the same year – truly rocking those mini space buns.

Image C/O REX: Gwen Stefani at the MTV Music Awards, 1997

However, the 90’s weren’t all bad – after all, with the lows come highs and the year of our founding also saw the creation of luxury haircare brand, Alterna. With Skinstore and Alterna both being born in 1997, it’s as though we were meant to be soul mates (well, hair mates!) and with their wide range of premium hair products including forward-thinking ingredients, it’s little wonder so many other women love Alterna too. One of their more recent additions to their portfolio – and now one of their best selling ranges – is their Caviar Repair RX collection.

Alterna’s Caviar Repair RX range aims to work to deeply repair hair using Strand-Building Proteins, targeting hair damage at a microscopic level from the inside out. Oh, and it’s not just us that loves this! In fact, 93% of women who tried the Repair RX products reported that they gave them noticeably softer hair, with 9 out of 10 women reporting an increase in strength, frizz control, softness & shine after just one use.


Haircare in the 2000’s

Hair styles got better from the 2000’s onward, helped by the introduction of professional haircare products onto the mass market. In 2003, we say hello to T3; revolutionary hair styling products and electricals. T3 pride themselves on creating lightweight, easy to use hair styling products – such as hairdryers and straighteners – which include Tourmaline technology (which neutralizes ion particles in the hair) to improve the management of the hair when styling. This helps to protect and give visible results when styling the hair; 75% faster than your average hair styling products to be exact!

Beyonce at Fashion Rocks in Aid of the Princes Trust at the Royal Albert Hall. Image C/O Rex

The sudden availability of salon-worthy hair products at home sent our bedroom haircare routines from basic to babe’ing in the swoop of the flat irons. Crimped hair was no more, and it was in with the poker straight hair styles. Check out Beyoncé wearing her hair slicked back in 2003, the same year that T3 stormed onto the haircare scene providing professional styling products to the masses. Our favorite products of their’s are the T3 Featherweight Compact Hairdryer and SinglePass Compact Iron.

 Hairstyles of the 2010’s

As the millennium turned 10 years old (and Skinstore turned 13!) in 2010, the days of the poker straight hair fizzled our in favour of big, bouncy waves. Loose curls were totally of the moment and we were totally loving it! Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez embraced the motto of ‘the bigger, the better’ and used surf sprays, medium hold hairsprays and volumising mists to ensure their waves reached the highest of heights.

Image C/O Rex. Jennifer Lopez on 30th November 2010.

As well as voluminous hair, the 2010’s were also moment for the middle parting. With our scalp on show it became clear that we had to up our haircare game to combat any growth issues and so in 2012 we welcomed the arrival of Grow Gorgeous.

Including ingredients proven to stimulate hair follicles to encourage growth, their hero products such as their Hair Density Serum Intense are shown to improve visible hair length by 214%. Products such as the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends and the Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil also help us to care for our hair from the roots to the ends, helping to cleanse and condition our locks just as much as we style them.

Professional Hair Products in 2017

Now – on to the present day and as Skinstore turns a whopping 20 years old in 2017, we are delighted to be able to celebrate the very best of professional haircare products we have on offer today. As Emma Stone has demonstrated across the red carpet this year, 2017’s hair style trends are all about getting the perfect balance between haircare treatments to hair styling to ensure your locks look the best they can all year round. With a preference for middle partings, stylized waves and warm colours, celebrities are demonstrating that hair trends have come a long way in 20 years – and we can’t wait for our hair journey to keep on coming.

Emma Stone demonstrating the hottest hairstyle of March 2017 at The Oscars. Image C/O REX.

From shampoos and conditioners to professional hair styling tools and the very best of at-home salon-worthy haircare treatments, we are proud to be able to offer a wide portfolio of luxury haircare brands as part of our Lookfantastic Salon to keep our Skinstore customers both feeling and looking fantastic.

Happy Birthday to 20 years of haircare on Skinstore – here’s to looking forward to the next 20!


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