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Bleach is Back: Caring for Bleached Hair

Bleach is Back: Caring for Bleached Hair
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Even after Miley Cyrus released a heartfelt message on Instagram the other week pledging for us to be careful with bleach, it still seems to be our favorite shade for Summer. After all, when the sun is shining and our moods are lifted, it just feels natural to lighten up our hair a little.

Take a look at Taylor Swift, who turned up at Coachella as a newly brightened up member of the bleached blonde squad. And it wasn't a honey, caramel or lightly sun-kissed shade she was sporting either. We're talking a full on, head-turning white bleach blonde look.

Looking After Bleached Hair

If you currently have bleached hair, you'll already be aware of how it can drastically change the condition. As bleach strips away the natural oils, it's pretty impossible to avoid heavily damaging it, and you'll possibly be suffering from breakage, dry ends, and even frizziness.

However, we understand you'll just want to enjoy your fresh white color, especially with your new found Summer tan. With that in mind, we've put together some handy tips for ensuring your clean color is kept in it's best condition...

Get ready to moisturize to the max

If you have never had to worry about using nourishing hair masks, then now is the time to start. Bleached hair lacks moisture and shine, therefore needs regular external help. Luckily there are some super strength nourishing masks out there which can be used on a weekly basis, or even as an overnight treat. An intense mask will let your damaged hair absorb the products nutrients, putting a little bit of life back into the hair.

Be prepared to have more regular hair cuts

There's no denying that bleached hair is prone to snapping, and there is nothing worse than thin, scraggly ends. Why not jump on the latest 'lob' trend and book yourself in for a long bob cut, along with your cool blonde locks?

Use specific products for dry, damaged hair 

If you currently have lightened blonde hair, or plan to undergo the bleach, then dispose of your regular shampoo and conditioner now. Your hair will start to need products specially designed for color treated, damaged locks, packed with moisturizing and hydrating properties.

So that you can invest wisely, we've done the hard work for you by rounding up a bunch of hair healing heroes. From rich, replenishing masks, to moisture quenching shampoos, there's a caring product for all the blondes. Your hair can thank us later!

Taylor Swift Image: Shutterstock/REX/Shutterstock

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