Does Grow Gorgeous Really Work?

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Grow Gorgeous. In fact, you’ll possibly have come across numerous posts where I have shared the greatness of this cult haircare range, which helps to restore hair to its full potential. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I’m a little obsessed, to the extent where I have put myself forward (along with another haircare fanatic at SkinStore) to take on a Grow Gorgeous challenge. Thicker, healthier hair will be ours!

If you don’t already know about this brand, you can find a fully informative post we shared previously here. But in a nutshell, its a revolutionary new hair growth range, made up of innovative serums, treatments, shampoos and conditioners which help to enhance hair’s natural beauty without causing damage. The most talked about product – and a bestseller on SkinStore – is the Hair Density Serum, which includes a next-generation glucoside complex shown to increase visible density. So if it’s thickness and volume you need, this is a great scalp stimulator to apply once a day. It also contains the first ever 6% concentration of caffeine, which is shown to delay visible hair thinning.


At this stage, you’re possibly wanting to know a little more about the challenge myself and Anna (our makeup specialist) are taking on, and the most important question on everyone’s lips: do Grow Gorgeous products really work? Take a read of our scenarios below to see what process we are taking, the products we are using, and the results we are hoping for!

Emma Campbell, Beauty Editor: Thickness and Density


Emma’s hair on Day 1

Length of challenge: 60 days

Concerns & Aims

  • Hair texture is very fine
  • Lacks volume
  • Lacks thickness and fullness in appearance
  • Healthy ends, but prone to split ends and breakage

“Sadly, I’ve been cursed with fine hair which is very thin and prone to breakage. I have a lot of it, but the hairs themselves are fine and I struggle to ‘plump it up’ and get any form of volume or shape. I’m taking on the Grow Gorgeous challenge with the hope to increase the density and thickness, so that when I touch my hair it feels thicker, and also looks it in appearance too. As I regularly highlight my hair, the ends are usually weak and in a dry condition, therefore I really want to improve the condition of the ends as well”

Products on trial

  • Hair Density Serum

“I’m trialing out the Hair Density Serum and currently on day 17 of use, which I’m applying to my scalp once a day just before I go to bed. It’s a 60 day trial, so I’m hoping to see and feel more density and thickness after continued use.”

The below photos were taken on Day 8:


Anna Moore, Make-up Specialist: Length and Volume


Anna’s Hair on Day 1

Length of Challenge: 60 days

Concerns & Aims

  • Hair texture is medium/thick
  • Lacks volume and is quite flat
  • Hair is long but prone to splitting and breaking
  • Weak condition at the ends

“I’ve strived for thick, voluminous, long and fabulous hair my whole life and although I have the length, I have not been blessed with the condition. Admittedly I haven’t had a hair-cut in a good few months as you can perhaps guess by my picture, but I want to keep the length in the hope that testing out Grow Gorgeous hair products will help to strengthen my hair and provide a healthier and fuller look. As it’s so long and flat, I find my split ends are very…split! So although I have a lot of  hair, I’m taking on the Grow Gorgeous challenge with the hope to increase the overall condition, density and volume, so that my hair will feel thicker and healthier.”

Products on Trial:

  • Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum

“Day 17 of my Hair Density Serum trial and even though it’s a 60 day challenge, I’m starting to feel a difference already. I’ve been applying the Serum daily to my scalp and have personally found that when applying to wet hair, the texture instantly feels thicker once dry.” 

Before photos at Day 8:



For the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to apply our luxurious hair treats in a bid to finish the challenge, and hopefully get the results we are hoping for! We’ll be reporting back at the end of the challenge, with some more before/after photos and our final thoughts on the results. So stay tuned!

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