Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense: SkinStore’s 12 Miracles


Today’s reveal behind our exclusive SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar features Grow Gorgeous’ Hair Density Serum Intense.

Grow Gorgeous, one of our favorite hair care brands, offers a series of hair serums and oils. But which delectable formula is right for your hair type and concern?

The Grow Gorgeous Density Serum Intense is the hero product of them all, with it’s unique intense formulation which gets right down to the problem of slugish growth and lack of volume. A lifesaver for those who really want to kick start speedier hair growth, it’s easy to apply, smells divine and is perfect for those who prefer not to take supplements.

But there are a number of serums across Grow Gorgeous, so how do you know which is suitable for you? Here, we break it down…

For Hair Growth

Don’t miss the iconic Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum, the original hair growth serum that continues to hold its own against the imitators. This formula is the MVP and will care for your scalp and hair while promoting hair growth.

Loaded with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the scalp, the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum will create a healthy environment for new hairs. Meanwhile,  bio-active pea sprout complex, bio-active complex of chinese skullcap, pea sprout and wheat sprout will give your hair follicles a wake-up call.

How to use the Hair Growth Serum

This water-based serum will dissolve into the hair quickly, without leaving behind any greasy residue. Apply a couple drops to the roots daily, morning or night, and massage into your scalp.

*This product is available as Hair Density Serum in certain markets. The product formulation remains the same.

To Thicken Hair

Thinning hair is a common concern for American women but the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense can take care of that. Fine hair types will also love this potent hair cocktail, which packs a punch. Infused with the same vitamins and minerals as the original Hair Growth Serum, plus an additional 3% concentration of caffeine that gets hair follicles up off their butts. A glucose compound in this denser serum swells the roots of the hair for visibly improved thickness.

Apply in the same way you would the original.

*This product is available as Hair Density Serum in certain markets. The product formulation remains the same.

For Dull, Dry and/or Frizzy Hair

For smoother, shinier hair, reach for the Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum.

Dull hair is often the result of hair cuticles that don’t lie flat and so, can’t diffuse light and emit shine. But this hair styling product harnesses uncharged silicones to refract light. Whereas other silicones are usually positively charged and can build-up product in the hair, the Grow Gorgeous number is uncharged but not water soluble so it helps keep hair looking sleek and glossy, no matter the weather. The uncharged formula means it doesn’t cling to excessively to hair and can still be washed away easily with a little cleansing.

 12 Days of Giveaways

Now for the exciting part; as Grow Gorgeous feature as today’s brand from our 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar, we’re offering you the chance to #WIN their Grow Gorgeous Hair Care Bundle this Holiday Season.

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We will be offering 12 Days of Giveaways to co-ordinate with our SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty countdown to Christmas from the 12th – 23rd December. All winners will be selected at the end of our countdown. Good luck all!

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