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The Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox

The Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox
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Grow Gorgeous, the luxe hair care brand that brought us the bestselling Hair Density Serum, has just dropped your new must have hair product - the Scalp Detox. Oh and, we're super excited to be one of the first to stock it!

What is the Scalp Detox?

This pre-shampoo exfoliating treatment has been developed with both natural and botanical exfoliators to pre-wash the hair and scalp. A thoroughly cleansed scalp allows your follow-up hair care to work better and deliver ultimate hair health. Plus, the delicate, citrusy fragrance smells divine.

Why do I need the Scalp Detox?

Skin care doesn't stop at the forehead! A healthy scalp is the not-so-secret to gorgeous hair growth. This gentle scrub will detox your scalp and ease out root-blocking impurities with a skin-friendly mixture of pomegranate enzymes and natural castor oil beads. Not only does it lift and shift product build-up, but dead skin cells too. This will enable your hair to grow, and reach its full potential!

Let's talk ingredients

  • Natural castor oil beads and white willow bark extract exfoliate the scalp, giving it a pretty literal detox and serving as natural anti-bacterials that encourage hair growth and luster
  • A unique minerals moisturizes the scalp and helps to absorb excess oil. This helps to extend the time between washes which could mean less chemical, product and heat damage
  • Pomegranate fruit enzymes gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells to naturally exfoliate the scalp and remove product build-up.
  • Bean bio-ferment absorbs UV light and provides anti-oxidant protection to the hair and scalp.

How to use the Scalp Detox

  • Use this treatment around 1-2 times a week before cleansing the hair
  • Wet hair and scoop a generous amount from the jar
  • Rub it between your hands and use your fingertips to massage the product all over the scalp in circular motions
  • When the entire scalp has been thoroughly exfoliated, leave for a few minutes to allow the cooling sensation and purifying properties to work their magic and detoxify the scalp

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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