The Best Products for Natural Hair This Winter

Natural hair is fragile, especially in the winter! Here are the tools you need for natural hairstyles and hair health this winter!

Hair Oils

African American and curly hair follicles produce a lot of oils and sebum, but the oils don’t always get distributed along the length of the hair fibre because of its coiled shape. This is why it will typically be quite dry.

Use a hair oil like to supplement natural oil production and help keep the fibres flexible.

An Ultra-Kind Shampoo or Cleanser

Washing your hair strips it of natural oils. So don’t wash too often and use the right kind of shampoo, something like Philip Kingsley’s Moisture Extreme Jet Set (a trio including shampoo, conditioner and the cult elasticizer). This 3 step hair care regime has been specifically designed for African-Caribbean (or extremely over-processed, bleached hair). Each product penetrates deep within the hair’s inner fibres to nourish and strengthen, while smoothing, de-frizzing and adding shine.

Conditioning Masks and Treatments

Afro hairstyles defy gravity, and that kind of mystical power needs extra attention with extra-hydrating and extra-conditioning products. Transform your hair’s texture with conditioing masks, pre-shampoo treatments, and moisture-boosting products. 

We also love the KLORANE Mask with absyssinia oil, an intense conditioning treatment that will target weak and damaged hair fibres, alleviate frizz and smooth tangles.

Only the Best Comb

Your hair is your crown so it makes sense to use the most exquisite tools. Mason’s Pearson’s Rake Comb is fantastic for thick hair. The hand-crafted, extra wide-toothed Swiss comb will help you style your afro with ease. It massages the scalp and distributes product and natural oils evenly through the hair.

Mason’s Pearson’s C7 comb is crafted from smooth acrylic to prevent hair damage. All Mason Pearson Combs are hand-made from the finest culluloid material in the world, the same material used for designer costume jewelry and eyewear. Look carefully at the tortoise pattern. You’ll notice the 3D effect of the shell pattern. This is the result of an internationally patented process that replicates natural tortoise shell.

So long breakage!

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