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Serum Foundation: Why You Should Try It

Serum Foundation: Why You Should Try It
SkinStore Editors
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Two of our favorite products have combined, and we couldn't be happier. Foundation meet serum, and serum meet foundation, making the perfect combination of Serum Foundations. Perfect...

As much as we love BB, CC Creams, and tinted moisturizers, we still feel the need to apply our trusty facial serums underneath to give our skin that health boost. Applying a daily serum gives our complexion that radiant glow, along with the benefits of deep hydration and a smoothing texture.


Most serums are packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties too, so we generally get a whole load of benefits in just one application.

Serum's also come with their own aims too, where you can shop for a dedicated serum for blemish clearing, pigment lightening or exfoliating. The below are some of our favorite one's we've been trialing ourselves at the SkinStore HQ over the past month...

And then there is foundation. Who knows where we would be without it. It's the holy grail when it comes to hiding those flaws, covering up those blemishes and brightening up our complexion. So combine the two together, and it really is a product made in heaven.

So which beautiful bottle of this magic potion do we recommend the most? See below for our favorite four and all the reasons why...

    Have you ever tried a serum foundation before? If you love looking after your skin but don’t want to compromise on coverage, we really feel these are the ideal foundations. Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter if you decide to try them out!

    SkinStore Editors
    Writer and expert
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