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111SKIN: Founded on Science, Made for You

111SKIN: Founded on Science, Made for You
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Founded by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, a top plastic surgeon in London, 111SKIN is the ultimate luxury, science-backed skin care brand. Dr. Yannis is a pioneer in innovative cosmetic treatments, specializing in facial reconstructive and rejuvenation surgery, and was among one of the first doctors to advocate for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He sought to speed up the healing process of his patients’ skin following both surgical and non-surgical treatments, but was unsatisfied with what was available at the time.  

He created the healing complex NAC Y2™ after working with an exclusive team of leading astronautical scientists and medics.NAC Y2, made for topical application, is a fusion of three ingredients that work to improve antioxidant levels, providing the skin with the optimum environment for collagen and elastin production. From there, 111SKIN was born out of his office on 111 Harley St in London, England,  which became the brand’s namesake.  

From one single product to six ranges, Dr. Yannis and his wife Eva fostered the brand’s evolution, creating products that address specific skin care concerns that are suitable for use across all skin types. 111SKIN believes in prevention over intervention when it comes to maintaining skin health and vitality. Each product has been carefully researched and formulated to address specific concerns such as premature aging, congestion, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and lackluster complexions. The brand has also formulated products that target and focus on certain damage-prone areas such as the neck and decolletage, eye area and lips.  

Each of their six ranges is curated to prevent and combat particular skin concerns, but their Reparative collection especially harnesses the power of NAC Y2™ to fight signs of aging and restore skin health.  

Reparative Collection 

This collection uses 111SKIN’s unique formulas to repair and restore compromised and stressed skin. This range’s products are loaded with NAC Y2™ and work to soothe and repair the skin while fighting signs of aging.  

111SKIN Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y1.01 oz 

Originally created to treat trauma after surgery, this serum aids in reducing redness and soothing irritated skin. Formulated with NAC Y2, the skin is provided with optimal conditions for the enhanced production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Its use results in a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, plumper looking skin and a rejuvenated complexion.  

111SKIN Y Theorem Day Cream NAC Y2 1.69 oz 

Best for dehydrated, dry and irritated skin, this rich cream works to infuse the skin with anti-aging ingredients while providing a protective barrier to shield the skin from harmful environmental aggressors. Hyaluronic Acid, NAC Y2 and a vitamin complex of vitamin A, C, E, F and H work together to plump and revitalize your complexion while keeping your skin hydrated.  

Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream 

Anti-aging and hydrating ingredients are infused in this rich cream to help the skin recover from the effects of environmental aggressors. Phospholipids shield the skin in order to lock in moisture while hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration.  

Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2 

This eye gel aids in the restoration and reparation of the skin around the delicate eye area. It reduces the appearance of dark circles, minimizes puffiness and lessens the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.  

NAC Y Restorative Cleansing Balm 

A thick, gel-balm cleanser that melts away makeup and daily impurities, the Restorative Cleansing Balm reduces inflammation and infuses the skin with powerful ingredients to promote a healthy complexion.  

NAC Y2 Pollution Defence Booster 

A savior for those who spend their day in front of a screen, this booster uses protective peptides and antioxidants to shield the skin against free radical and blue light damage. Moringa peptides work to detox the complexion from particulate pollution, while ashwagandha protects the skin from artificial visible light.  

SkinStore Editors
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