The Beauty Glossary: P is for Peptides

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There are hundreds and hundreds of skincare ingredients that work wonders, but not without a little help from friends. Collagen, for example, cannot be formed without vitamin C at base level.

In the holistic case of your skin, peptides are the friends it needs. They are fragments of proteins which, when combined create one of several different types of protein and act as a significant building block for your skin.

Without them, there’s a loss of firmness, wrinkles move in, skin texture changes without permission and it just isn’t as cushion-y as it once was.

Golden Nuggets?

Peptides alone are not the beauty secret that’s going to break the internet. Make no mistake, they are a remarkable component of skincare formulas but they need their friends too.

When beauty products containing peptides make their way into the skin, it may stimulate collagen production to tighten skin, and possibly even repair some cell structures. This is important because collagen is what keeps the skin plump and juicy, and helps it withstand the visible appearance of wrinkles that are so common with ageing skin.

As you know, collagen production depletes with age and the skin starts to look a bit sad. Combined with years of irreversible sun damage, skin may appear dry and sallow, drawing more attention to the appearance of wrinkles.

Peptides can also deliver copper into the skin, which can help it heal faster – just what our skin cells need to regenerate.

  1. Arcona Peptide Hydrating Complex
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    Arcona Peptide Hydrating Complex

    Arcona’s Peptide Hydrating Complex is brimming with firming peptides and skin strengthening flavanoids. This daily ‘skin drink’ helps helps to protect and nourish depleted and stressed skin with glycoaminoglycans – a fancy word for ingredients that enhance firmness and moisture retention.

    A powerful serum that works for all skin types.


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  2. Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil
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    Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil

    This sophisticated and luxurious oil blend contains three forms of vitamin C and three peptides to stimulate collagen, brighten, and hydrate. Suited for all skin types, this skin-complementing oil replaces the natural oils we lose as we age. It won’t cause breakouts or leave a greasy finish.

    Beyond moisturizing, this multi-tasking oil works deep within the skin to rebuild collagen and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. Dark spots are diminished and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

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  3. Kinara Intense Moisturizer with Peptides
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    Kinara Intense Moisturizer with Peptides

    Kinara’s intense moisturizer with peptides is an anti-ageing powerhouse, using the latest anti-aging technology to address multiple skin problems. It targets symptoms such as wrinkles, dehydration, sun damage, sagging and loss of firmness. This multi-purpose cream penetrates deeply to boost fibroblasts and regenerate connective tissues for a firmer, more youthful and luminous appearance. Provides an excellent base for makeup.


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  4. DCL Peptide Plus Eye Treatment
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    DCL Peptide Plus Eye Treatment

    DCL’s all-in-one anti-ageing eye treatment is powered by a proprietary combination of peptides that dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping prevent new ones from forming. 7

    Antioxidants fend off UV/free radical damage as proven moisturizers strengthen barrier function and provide lasting hydration. Meanwhile nutrient-rich botanicals help to significantly shrink puffiness and lighten dark circles. Eyes are left looking rejuvenated, restored and ageless.

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  5. Jan Marini Age Intervention Peptide Extreme
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    Jan Marini Age Intervention Peptide Extreme

    Jan Marini’s Age Intervention Peptide Extreme is possibly the most concentrated, peptide formulation ever. Peptide Extreme sets a new standard for extraordinary skin rejuvenation with four targeted peptide blends that work to rebuild and revitalize any skin type. Combined with potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, your skin will visibly respond on every measurable level.

    It is suitable for all skin types and helps even to reduce visible redness.

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