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Top 10 Summer Must Haves

Top 10 Summer Must Haves
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Summer of 2018 is quickly approaching and we hope you enjoy it to its fullest! Whether you’ll be playing on a sandy beach in Mexico, lounging by the pool in Las Vegas, or hiking the Himalayas in India you’re probably well equipped with a goody bag full of your favorite skin care products—you are, a SkinStore customer after all! We always want to know what you’re toting around to keep your skin looking wonderful through the seasons, and we’re sure that you’re curious to see what our top favorites are, so we’ve compiled a list of THE top 10 must-haves for this fabulous summer!


Chances are, you’re spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer chasing after kids, swimming, playing outdoor sports and barbequing… while you may be religiously applying sunscreen to protect your skin, you may not be applying antioxidants which ward off free radicals that cause lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Antioxidant serums are a great way to go because they’re light in consistency so they won’t feel heavy on the skin and they soak right in to provide up to 24 hours of broad-spectrum antioxidant protection without reapplication! We’re fans of Skinceuticals CE Ferulic which provides a potent vitamin C with bonus brightening benefits in addition to power-house antioxidant ingredients like hydrating vitamin E and Ferulic acid.


Everybody knows that sunscreen protection is the utmost important factor in keeping your skin healthy! Thank goodness for savvy chemists who know how to formulate sunscreen in uber-elegant recipes. SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 is one of the most sought-after sunscreens. We have trouble keeping this stuff in stock in summer months. It’s a one of its kind physical sunscreen that’s a transparent, mattifying liquid, also paraben-free and offers true broad-spectrum coverage from UVA and UVB rays.

It’s great for all skin types and ages and stays put without feeling heavy or greasy, and it doesn’t have an unpleasant sunscreen smell! And while SkinCeuticals has created an amazing formula for the face, La Roche Posay—another renowned SPF pioneer—has created La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Melt In Sunscreen Milk which is great for the body. This fast absorbing, non-greasy milk provides SPF 60 and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with the breakthrough Cell-Ox Shield, to protect your skin, even at the cellular level.

Don’t neglect your hair

You have face and body covered! But that leaves out your luscious locks. Keep your hair looking its best with protective hair products. Since the sun can be dehydrating to your skin, it can also be super dehydrating to your hair too. Use a protective leave-in spray that has a UV filter. We enjoy Klorane Mango Oil Spray because it not only has a potent UV filter, but it also nourishes with essential fatty acids and is paraben-free.

Fake it

You’re probably thinking that all of this SPF protection will not allow for you to get any color! So cheat the sun and the sun damage, and instead of baking it…get good at faking it! There are hundreds of self-tanners that’ll give you a beautiful golden glow! Vita Liberta Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion is a great way to getting tan! An essentially odorless formula that locks in and provides up to 72 hours of hydrating protects for all skin types and gives you lasting color up to seven days!


What about dry skin? In the summertime, our skin is frequently exposed to sun, sand, salty ocean water or chlorine from the pool. We tend to hydrate more frequently and diligently in the other seasons when it’s colder or dryer out, but our summer skin needs moisture too, and very much so after excessive exposure to the elements. Rehydrate your skin with St. Tropez Tan Optimizer Body Moisturizer. Stay gorgeous, golden, and glowing with this unique formula that conditions and moisturizes skin for a longer lasting tan. The specially-made formula helps improve the fade of your tan while extending the life of your glow by up to 3 days and leaves skin feeling velvety and smooth!

To ward off dehydration on the go, it’s great to throw a refreshing spray into your beach tote. Kerstin Florian Rehydrating Neroli Water is a delight to use because it’s soothing, hydrating and refreshing and can be used all of the body, or on the face… and it won’t disturb make-up!


A blemish here, a sunspot there, dark circles from lack of sleep—there are too many fun things to do in the summer… what’s a gal to do to stay looking fresh and feeling fabulous? Concealer is the magic wand of a makeup maven. This summer we’re in love with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer because of its highly pigmented formula that’s also water resistant. It erases dark circles, blemishes, broken capillaries, sun damage and redness with only using a tiny amount of product (and we mean TINY!) a little tube will last and last and last.

Nail Time

Every girl knows that a perfect pedicure is a summer MUST. Coral always looks hot on the fingernails and is absolutely amazing for toes in the sweet summertime. Bonus: corals and yellows visually intensify your tan. Butter London Brilliant Bronze Kit has a gorgeous coral orange crème that looks fantastic when paired with strappy golden sandals! Plus Butter London’s does not add formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP to any of its nail formulas. It’s color without compromise.

Poet William Carlos Williams has said “In summer, the song sings itself”, and boy wasn’t he right! Enjoy the gorgeous weather, throw some hot dogs on the grill, read a great book, and lather on the SPF! Now that you’ve got a list of our TOP 10 summer favorites it’s easy to choose great summer products! What are your top picks?

You can find these and many other amazing products to get you summer ready at!

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