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Beauty and Wellness with Kerstin Florian

Beauty and Wellness with Kerstin Florian
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It goes without saying that to achieve your most beautiful skin, it goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Beauty and wellness are so closely connected, which is why we are currently loving the the philosophy instilled by Kerstin Florian: ‘Outer Beauty, Inner Health’.It couldn't be more true. Sweden born Kerstin Florian has always embraced her holistic approach to skincare, which includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, and care of the face & body. These four key approaches, combined with Kerstin's constant inspiration by nature, has led to the innovative products and experiential treatments for her namesake line of products.

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It's no surprise that with this strong and passionate natural wellness message behind the products, that various quality spa's and luxury resorts are all huge fans of the Kerstin Florian skincare products, professionally using them around many wellness destinations.

So if the products are good enough for luxury spas, it's time to use this inspiration to turn your bathroom into it's own tranquil spa!

Spa Inspired Skincare

Lift your senses at the same time as you look after your skin with the range of spa inspired skincare Kerstin Florian has carefully put together. With the the concoction of powerful plant, marine and technically-advanced ingredients all infused into professionally-designed facial products, you'll be giving your face that much needed sense of well-being.

Our personal favorites which we find help enormously when it comes to achieving healthy-looking vibrant skin include the Serum C Plus Infusion - a Vitamin C loaded serum which evens the skin tone and tackles signs of aging, the Complete Daily Cleanser - a gentle yet effective cleanser for removing environmental pollutants, surface debris, excess oils and make-up in one simple step, and the Hyaluronic Serum - an advanced serum which gives a nourishing boost to ensure skin is hydrated, soothed, redness balanced and minimized from free radical damage. sensitive skin.

Hair Aromatherapy

Kerstin Florian's range of aromatherapy inspired hair care has that extremely luxe feel to it - like a combination of professional haircare, with that much-loved wellness approach from a spa. Gentle and safe to use everyday, the range of shampoos and conditioners are enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins to strengthen and rejuvenate hair, no matter what type (or hair concern) you have.

The Aromatherapy Reviving Shampoo and the Aromatherapy Reviving Conditioner are both light, daily use cleansers and treatments that restore moisture and add strength to the hair in seconds. To infuse goodness to each strand, they both contains whole wheat proteins and botanical extracts which lock in nutrients and proteins that are vital for maintaining healthy hair.

Mind and Body Indulgence

One of the main reasons why us Beauty Editors at SkinStore love Kerstin Florian is that not only do the products practice an aromatherapy result in terms of skincare effectiveness, they also practice a calming state of mind. Their range of sprays, soaks and oils are formulated with powerful, concentrated blends of essential oils and vitamins which calm, balance and provide tranquility.

For a restful body and a relaxed mind, the Mineral Wellness Soakis the perfect bath product for working to condition the skin, as well as looking after the mind and body. Other key products which are fantastic to have as bathroom staples include the Calm Mind, a tension relieving pulse point oil which uses a pwoerful combination of lavender, peppermint, cajaput and organic sunflower oils help to clear the mind and put daily stress in perspective.


To discover the beauty and wellness of Kerstin Florian, check out their full collection here. 

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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