The Best Cleansers for Heavy Make-up

The Best Cleansers for Heavy Make-up

We’ll admit it: sometimes when it’s been a real long night, or the parties been too much fun, we’ll skip the make-up removing before going to bed. It’s 2 am and the early hours of the morning are well and truly kicking in, and all we want to do is crash out on our pillow.

However, no matter how late of a night it is, here’s a game-changer to your face-washing routine: makeup-removing cleansers are now better than ever. While you may think a simple swipe of a make-up wipe is effectively doing the trick, your sometimes leaving behind that hidden trace of foundation and bronzer. And that’s why below, we’ve rounded up our favorite makeup-removing cleansers to ensure a clean complexion following your Halloween parties, and to use again the morning after.


With easy-to-use formulas and super deep cleansing properties, you now have no excuses.

The refreshing go-to cleanser for oily and problem skin types, Lytic Gel Cleanser actively dissolves dirt, oil and makeup. Just apply 2-3 pumps of gel to damp skin, massage in, and rinse away the dirt, dead skin cells and surface bacteria. Any inflammation is also calmed without drying the skin.

This foaming, clay-based, gel cleanser is great for normal to oily skin, minimizing pores. This cleanser purifies the skin, tightens pores, and stimulates collagen and circulation with natural essential oils to tone and balance the skin. Quickly cleanses the skin when you get in at night, and is gentle enough to use straight away the next morning!

This creamy cleansing milk is the perfect softening addition to massage into damp skin when you return home for your evening. The creamy formula deeply cleanses and removes all makeup with organic Grape Seed and Sunflower oils. Soothes normal, aging, or sensitive skin with organic Chamomile and Calendula.

Sometimes, we just want a rich foaming cleanser to envelope up all the make-up, dirt and grime. When we rinse away the foam, the sight of clear, make-up free skin is simply satisfying. This cleanser is great for cleansing, unclogging and tightening the pores of oily and thickened skin, and removing any sebum build up

Purify skin with the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil from Erno Laszlo. Utilising advanced dual-performance technology. The formula blends powerful cleansing ingredients with nourishing botanical oils to deeply clean skin whilst improving texture and reducing acne breakouts. Trapped dirt, hard-to-budge make-up and thick residues are all melted and removed with the powerful oil base.

Cooling, soothing and beautiful to use! This rich texture, heavenly scented and gentle cleanser is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins to remove all products on the face, along with nourishing. Contains Greek Yoghurt Concentrate to give a thick texture, dissolving all impurities whist providing advanced nourishment,

One of our favorites! Scoop this luxurious gel onto fingers and massage into dry skin. Watch the gel melt into an oil which removes all make-up and grime. A brilliant 3 in 1 cleanser that effortlessly dissolves impurities and long-wear makeup, as well as bringing in Vitamin C, Rose Hip, and Virgin Cherry Oils to brighten, repair, and nourishe the skin.

An uplifting scent makes any cleanser a joy to use, and a thick gel texture gives that deep-clean feeling. Luckily, this EmerginC Gel Cleanser has both! A clean-rinsing, fresh-scented gel cleanser with fruit and plant extracts to clean the skin without drying.

A super easy to use 3 in 1 cleanser which smooths and purifies for a super clean, fresh, and bright complexion. With complexion-friendly, non-drying, easy-rinse ingredients including natural superfruit yuzu and ultra-soft skin polishing-beads, it's a multitasking miracle.

Gently remove even waterproof makeup and skin impurities in a single sweep with mineral-rich Cleansing Water. Pure hot spring water, rich with skin-absorbing nutrients, replenishes and rejuvenates as it cleanses. Just saturate onto a cotton pad and swipe away!

Wash away that heavy make-up with this handy bar of sopa. This lathering soap contains the deep cleaning properties that are inherent in mineral-rich Dead Sea mud. It delicately scrubs away dirt trapped in oily complexions and removes all grime build-up. Easy to use, so no excuses!

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