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Body Brushing 101: How Does Body Brushing Work?

Body Brushing 101: How Does Body Brushing Work?
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By now you've heard of the skincare technique known as body brushing, but what is it? Don't be mistaken, we're not talking about repurposing your hairbrush. It's not that eccentric.

Why do body brushing?

Body brushing has many benefits ranging from exfoliation to stimulating your body's lymphatic system. You may not think you need all the benefits of body brushing, but there's bound to be one in there that pricks your interest enough to get started!

Body brushing increases circulation

It may feel kind of alien at first, but the brushing you're doing not only stimulates your nerves, it helps stimulate blood flow as well, which in turn helps to eliminate metabolic waste.

Dead skin cell exfoliation

Ever felt like your skin just needed some air? The act of body brushing removes the dry dead skin cells from your skin's surface, unclogging your pores, and improving overall appearance.

Stimulate your lymphatic system

Your body has hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubes which exist throughout the body to carry cellular waste into the bloodstream for elimination. This process is known as lymphatic drainage.

When this process is not functioning properly, waste and toxins can build up, causing you to become sick. Body brushing is a powerful detoxification aid in stimulating that system to keep inflammation and disease at an all-time low.

Reduce cellulite

Body brushing can also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by eliminating toxins that break down connective tissues. This is also said to help by softening hard fat deposits and distributing them more evenly. Overall working to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Stress relief

Especially when done in a quiet setting, the act of dry brushing can be a very meditative process. helping to relieve muscles tension, calm the mind, and relieve stress. Think of it as a light full-body massage that you're giving yourself.

How to do body brushing?

To start, you'll need a stiff, natural-haired body brush—like we said, we're not repurposing your hairbrush.

In long, smooth strokes, brush outwards in towards the heart. Always brush towards the heart, taking caution brushing over sensitive areas of the body.

Whatever reason you decide to start body brushing, take your time! Aside from being full of health benefits to the body, this can be a great spa-moment for mind and soul! Be mindful about body brushing and it will benefit you in more ways than one!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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