Erno Laszlo Makes a Skin Detox Easy

The number of environmental aggressors your skin is exposed to is growing every day, and our skin can only handle so much of these outside influences before it begins to show. Similar to doing a juice cleanse after a few too many nights out, sometimes your skin needs a similar type of cleanse in order to stay healthy. Our new favorite way to detox is here—introducing the newest product from Erno Laszlo, the Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse!

Why Should I Detox My Skin?

Every day, your skin comes into contact with many things that can negatively affect its appearance and health. And while you may be washing your skin every morning and night, sometimes those unhealthy particles can sink below the surface of your skin and evade being washed away.

Enter the Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse. Its innovative formula is powerful enough to flush out toxins and other harmful free radicals, but still gentle enough to be used every day. This formula contains encapsulated Black Charcoal (not microbeads), which act as a natural purifier, and draw out any impurities in the skin without stripping your skin of moisture or protection.

The Black Charcoal is suspended in a formula that contains a complex of fruit enzymes, which act as natural exfoliators, for a gentle clearing away of build up and surface cells. It also contains a nutrient-rich kale protein blend to condition and hydrate, while also supporting the skin’s natural protective barrier.

When To Do a Skin Detox:

You might think a product that detoxes and exfoliates might be too harsh to use every day, but the fruit enzymes and kale protein complex make this product perfectly gentle for every day, or even morning and night!

We recommend using the Detox Double Cleanse in the morning, as it will wake up your skin for a super fresh start, plus it makes a traditional double cleanse into just one step, so it’s perfect for those rushed mornings. Then, for the evening, you can either use the Detox Double Cleanse again to take the day off, or you can switch things up with a classic Erno Laszlo double cleanse routine:

Taking the time for the classic, two-step double cleanse can be a great way to make sure your skin is fully purified and nourished at the end of every day. But, however you choose to detox, your purified, clean skin will thank you! Check out more of our favorite detoxifying favorites on SkinStore today, and tell us which ones are your favorite on Twitter!

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Schané Flowers

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