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The Future of Facelifts: A Fillerina Review

The Future of Facelifts: A Fillerina Review
SkinStore Editors
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Is Fillerina the future of Facelifts?

To inject or not to inject, that is the question. If you’re not into putting needles into your skin, our newest line, Fillerina, might be the answer for you. Their treatments may plump your skin up like a baby, but they never pass through the surface and bruise you to the point of needing to wear sunglasses inside for at least a week.

If you or someone you love has ever gotten injections, you know that there are pros and cons. The pros? Plumped, youthful looking skin. The cons? The cost, the pain, the recovery, and the dramatic instantaneous effect.

Luckily, Fillerina’s line of gels and creams are simple enough to do at home yourself and will give you results that are less of what medical fillers look like and more of what actual real human skin looks like. We’re not sure, but we think injection-free fillers were probably written about in some science fiction book from a few decades ago.

Imagine a woman sliding into her flying car, firing up her holographic mirror and syringing magical youthful gel out of the sleek white tube onto her under-eye bags. Next thing you know, she looks 10 years younger and is ready to zoom off to her meeting with a personal robot stylist. That’s pretty much how Fillerina makes us feel.

First of all, not everyone can afford to spend upwards of $500 on making sure their under-eye area is always plumped. Second of all, who likes wearing a pound of concealer to cover the impacts of needle fillers? We sure don’t.

Fillerina’s line contains contouring creams, eye creams, eye fillers and facial fillers. Our current favorite, the Fillerina PLUS Filler Treatment, contains a duo that provides an easy two-step solution to plump skin in the comfort of your own home. It’s ridiculously easy, and it doesn’t even hurt—major plus. It contains not one, not two, but SIX hyaluronic acids.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found in human skin that increases cell turnover and helps with hydration, elasticity, and signs of aging. Although you may have already heard of HA, you may not know there are different types of the molecule. If we’re getting technical, different types of HA’s are released depending on the condition of your skin. This means that in order for an HA skincare product to be effective, it really should be targeting the right size of HA’s for your skin's specific need. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a custom product made with their name on the label, that’s just one of the many reasons why we’re so excited about Fillerina. Six hyaluronic acids in one product is almost unheard of in the world of beauty. This is a big deal.

If you’re looking for something more targeted and not necessarily to use on your entire face, try the finger-shaped pointer on this HA packed gel tube we couldn’t get enough of. Fillerina Eyes and Eyelids combines not six, but eight HA’s. We’re speechless.

No matter your skin concern, Fillerina offers a diverse line of products to create a complex yet simple solution to address universal skin concerns. Discover more Fillerina on SkinStore today.

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Writer and expert
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