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Rejuvenate Your Hands with the Best Hand Creams on the Market

Rejuvenate Your Hands with the Best Hand Creams on the Market
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Hand creams are more than a luxe lotion to store in your office desk drawer or purse. They’re necessary for hydrating dry hands, preventing chapped fingers and hangnails, and downplaying the common effects of aging on the hands. When the hands are well moisturized with the right hand cream, they feel better and look younger.

We put a lot of stress and pressure on our hands—think about how many times per day you wash them—which is why they often look dehydrated, split, and cracked. But the best creams for dry hands put all those symptoms to rest—and fast. Plus, a hardworking hand cream is an absolute must once the temperatures drop, and the seasons change. So, to keep your hands looking their best, a good hand cream—we are sharing our favorite ones—shouldn’t be glossed over if supple, soft hands are important to you.

Winter weather brings out the dry, chapped, rough hands. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable at the very least. For softer, smoother hands, has a lot of wonderfully soothing products, and that includes the perfect hand cream.

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Why Should I Invest in Hand Cream?

The best way to keep dry hands at bay is with a deeply hydrating hand cream. The best hand creams are the ones that leave the skin feeling comforted while restoring the skin’s natural barrier. Anything from washing the hands to chemicals to even dry weather can cause breaks in the skin, dry, ragged cuticles, and a chapped feeling that can be uncomfortable.

The right hand cream can lock moisture into the skin on the hands, which is especially important during the weather. Since the hands are constantly exposed to the elements, they’re less equipped to retain moisture with age. When natural moisture levels dip, the skin can dry out, leaving the hands feeling rough and paper thin.

How to Apply Hand Cream

When applying hand cream, there’s a right and wrong way to do it.

  1. On clean, dry hands, apply a quart-sized amount of hand cream. Then, rub it into the hands' backs, cuticles, and palms.
  2. Don’t use body lotions or creams made for other body parts. The skin on the hands is thick and needs to be treated with a thicker formulation.
  3. Don’t wash your hands after applying hand cream, which can prevent the product from absorbing into the skin. While using hand cream as often as necessary is okay, it’s best to use it after every hand wash.

When and How Often You Should Be Using Hand Cream

Everyone is different; some people apply hand cream once daily, while others reapply it every hour. How often you apply hand cream is determined by how dry your hands feel. If the hands are dehydrated or suffering from eczema, using it upwards of three times a day is best. For normal skin, once per day should suffice. It’s also best to reapply hand cream after each time you wash your hands when the skin is still damp.

Although hand creams should be used throughout the daytime, they’re also essential to apply overnight. While we sleep, the body works hard to repair itself, including the skin on the hands, too.

Is Hand Cream More Important in the Winter Months?

Hand cream is a year-round skincare product, but it’s a must during the winter. When the temperature drops during the winter months and the weather becomes cold, the skin on the hands is more likely to become dry and flaky. That’s because a lack of humidity in the air can suck moisture out of the skin on the hands, leaving it more likely to be irritated and promote skin cracks and infections.

Cold weather is known to disrupt the skin barrier, contributing to dryness. When the skin on the hands becomes dry, it’s likely to leave the hands feeling uncomfortable and less equipped to protect itself adequately. But when using an appropriate hand cream as often as needed, most of the effects of dry, cold weather on the hands can be mitigated.

    Hand cream is important to use daily, especially in the colder months and when there’s a drastic change in weather and the climate. We expose our hands to a lot on any given day and rehydrating them with the right moisturizing ingredients and other anti-agers can make all the difference in hands that look their age and youthful, which is what we all want.

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