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Introducing: Mio Skincare

Introducing: Mio Skincare
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We're so excited to announce our launch of Mio Skincare, the premium wellness and fitness brand created for women, by women.

Mio Skincare's ethos is a celebration of the female form at all ages. These pioneering, hi-tech products will elevate your mind, body and soul, with extraordinary products designed to eliminate body concerns and help you achieve fit, healthy skin.

A ‘No Nasties’ principle also ensures that Mio Skincare products are free from artificial colors, mineral oil, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

Friends Sian, Tanya, Kathy and Jill launched Mio Skincare in 2014, with a life-affirming mantra that encourages us to be the best version of ourselves. There’s no room for negativity with this high-end brand, not with uplifting messaging from “Strong is the new skinny” to “because lipo sucks”.

You work so hard with your personal trainer, creating a plan that covers exercise, nutrition and supplements for optimum health and fitness, Mio Skincare does the same for your skin.

Mio Skincare protects assets and empowers women with five core groups:

Liquid Yoga

This dreamy duo will help you reach zen. The bath soak is an idyllic treat for your legs after a hardcore work out. Let therapeutic essential oils ease tension as you unwind in the tub. Shortly after, a single spritz of the homeopathic space spray will gently lull you to sleep.

Firming faves

Remarkable things happen for your body when you use a firming fave. Take Boob Tube for example, a staple product amongst the Kardashians. It's a cult classic that was originally created for expectant mothers to prevent breast sagging and eliminate stretch marks. Soon Kourtney Kardashian realized she couldn't live without it. She passed this her secret onto her sister and soon non-pregnant women everywhere were turning to this game-changer. That's why the ladies at Mio Skincare happily re-branded the product for anyone who wished for a firmer bust.

Moisturizing Miracles

All products in this category are super skin-friendly, designed to restore, strengthen and protect. Expect a beautifying glow and a newfound suppleness to your skin's texture as a host of organic oils and butters aid your superwoman lifestyle.

Workout Wonders

Turn it up with these pre and post-workout formulas. The workout wonders are gym-bag must-haves, preparing you for the likes of bikram yoga and cooling you down after a high intensity session. Say NO! to sore muscles.

Aqua Actives

Get up and go with these water-activated products, fortified with invigorating ingredients that will have you squeaky clean and ready for a challenge. Stimulants from fresh coffee and spearmint to pumice stone and pineapple extract will transform your skin and prep it for action.

We’ve shared a selection of Mio Skincare products with you above, but join the sisterhood and explore the entire range now. And make sure you enter our competition on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a selection from Mio Skincare!

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