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I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again that it’s essential to drink eight glasses of water daily. And we hope that you do water your diet to the max. Water helps to purge your body of toxins and debris. Your body is mostly made of water. In fact, your body is about 75% water! Water is the elixir or life. Literally.  
Unfortunately, we often find ourselves sipping on coffee in the morning, soda in the afternoon, maybe a beer or two in the evening. Some people leave water completely out of their daily diet regimen. But coffee, soda, fruit juice, alcohol, etcetera DO NOT replace our much-needed H2O! In fact, those beverages can dehydrate you even further, resulting in headache, jitters, anxiety, fatigue and even weight gain from unnecessary calories and sugars.
They say it takes about 20 days to form a new habit. So for 20 days do what it takes to remember to drink up, after then it’ll just be second nature for you. Set up a water alarm on your phone, or a message on your Outlook inbox, or simply write yourself a sticky note and keep it where you’ll see it every day. And always carry a water bottle with you. If you have water with you, it’s more likely that you’ll just sip, sip, and sip throughout the day!
Add lemon and cucumber slices to your water, too. Not only will your water taste great, it’ll also be rich in antioxidants! Way too boost your immune system, and it’s super simple too.
And if you’re looking to loose weight, water will help you. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, a glass of water before each meal, and a glass of water before bed. This will help you to feel full and it’ll also help to clean your liver and gall bladder. Note; warm water can give a sensation of fullness even more so than cold water!
And if you don’t like the taste of water or lemon water, then you can use a fruit-flavored water booster! We like Dr. Brandt Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant Water Booster – Goji and Maqui, which not only works to make your water delicious, but it also has antioxidants which keep your skin and body healthy from the inside-out!

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