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Makeup That’s Good For Your Skin – Which Products To Use For Sensitive Skin

Makeup That’s Good For Your Skin – Which Products To Use For Sensitive Skin
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Makeup was made to enhance beauty and accentuate certain features on your face that you want to highlight. However, it wasn’t necessarily made to keep your skin clear, which is kind of contradicting if you ask us.

Here at SkinStore, we have become more conscious and interested about what we are putting on our face every day. Although makeup doesn’t traditionally improve skin, we believe that it should.

That’s why we decided to round up some of our favorite makeup products that both enhance your beauty and improve your skin. You shouldn’t have to compromise, clog your pores or irritate the sensitivity of your skin in order to look and feel beautiful no matter how much makeup you wear on the daily.

Makeup That’s Good For Your Skin:

Primer for Sensitive Skin

Ren Perfect Canvas Serum:

If this isn’t the first silicone-free primer that actually works, it’s the first one that we've heard about. Silicone is an ingredient often found in skincare and beauty products that isn’t necessarily bad for your skin, but if you are acne-prone it’s not a bad one to avoid since it has the potential to clog pores.

Primers are notorious for being packed with silicone because the properties of the ingredient allow your makeup to stick to your face longer. Enter this primer that still does the latter without silicone. Genius. It also smells really good which is always a plus.

Sensitive Skin Face Makeup

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Cream:

If you have sensitive skin, chances are you're no stranger to makeup producing way too many oil glands on your face before you even walk out the door. The good thing about this BB cream is that is has a mousse-like texture, so it provides a really good amount of coverage without shine where you don’t want it.

It feels light but it almost expands in your hands when you rub it into your skin so a little bit goes a long way. It also has sunscreen in it, which is arguably the most important skin care item you could use.

bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation

You don’t see a foundation formulated with Aspen bark and tea tree oil every day. These ingredients, along with aloe and mineral powder, work to diminish redness and improve blemishes over time. It feels different than other foundation when you put it on too, it has a sort of tingling sensation that makes you feel that it’s helping your skin instead of hurting it.

This powder will work really well as a setting powder, foundation base or even bronzer if you go a shade darker than your regular skin tone. The texture of it is unique because it doesn’t look cakey or drying, it just melts right into your skin and creates the perfect coverage situation.

Sensitive Skin Eye Makeup

RMS Beauty Swift Eyeshadow

Eyes are just as, if not more sensitive than our faces, and who wants unsafe chemicals from their makeup seeping into their lids? Not us. That’s why we’re all about this shadow by RMS that contains Buriti and Jojoba oil.

It’s buildable, healthy, and comes in a range of hues named after 1960’s television shows. Unlike a lot of eyeshadows with natural ingredients, these colors glide on smoothly and don’t fold easily. The powder is loose enough for simple application but you won’t find yourself needing to waste a lot of it from feathering out everywhere on your counter and face.

For a more glossy alternative, we love these eye polishes by RMS as well. The two also really pair well together for a finished look.

RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara 

Mascara is one of the most ironic makeup items when it comes to lash health, because typical mascara doesn’t improve the length or thickness of your lashes over time. However, this mascara does just that. It contains vitamins including Biotin and Panthenol, all while being smudge-proof and water-resistant.

If you know a thing about water or smudge-resistant mascara, you know that they are typically really difficult to get off and too thick to apply without clumps. Not here—this mascara actually makes little coils around each of your individual lashes so that it glides on smoothly and is resultingly simple to remove.

To really improve the strength and volume of your lashes, pair the mascara withthe lash conditioner and use it night and day. Our team at SkinStore has been trying this stuff out for a few months and we have all been shocked at how much it’s strengthened our lashes.

If you feel like your makeup is taking you in the opposite direction of achieving your skin goals, try these alternatives for healthier, happier skin. Let us know what you think about them and feel free to send any questions to us on the SkinStore Instagram account.

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