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Sick Season Skin Remedies

Sick Season Skin Remedies
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It’s that time of year—our noses are running, our heads are aching, and winter sickness is running rampant into the bodies of innocent civilians everywhere. You’ll find it sitting next to you in the office, in the halls of your apartment building, and rubbing shoulders with you on the subway whispering in your ear “You're next."

Although this green monster of the cold and flu may seem unavoidable, there are ways to beat him down if you’ve felt him lurking down in your throat or creeping up in your pores.

If you’ve noticed your face flaring up when you start to come down with something, you’re not alone. Sickness doesn’t just impact your sinuses, it can also take a major toll on the health of your skin.

When you catch a virus, your immune system creates a hormone imbalance in your body from the inside, which causes breakouts, redness and dryness on the outside. This is the same reason you might notice your skin acting out when you’re stressed, eating badly, or not getting enough sleep. It sucks, but it will pass. In the meantime, we have some ideas for you.

What are some good skin remedies for sickness?

Vitamin C On Your Skin

If chugging Emergen-C isn’t for you, try a topical version. Although vitamin C hasn’t been proved to prevent sickness altogether, it does contain a lot of nutrients that help heal your body and skin, and replenish and restore what you may have lost through your cold or flu.

Using vitamin C directly on your face will help boost hydration and fight against that puffy, sick look that makes you want to hide under your covers all day.

Tea Detox

Tea has been used as a treatment for illness since the beginning of sickness and tea. Pouring hot liquid down your throat when you’re catching a virus not only feels good, but also helps clear up congestion and reverse dehydration.

Bath Benefits

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Baths are important. Sitting in hot water is a good remedy for sickness because it relaxes your muscles and loosens up your body from that tight, achy feeling. Of course, no bath is complete without some bath oil.

These oils contain ingredients that work to cleanse and invigorate your skin while you soak. Basically magic sick potion.

It’s so important to take time for self-care when you’re not feeling well, although it might be hard to find time to rest more, it is vital to prevent your body from dragging out its virus for even longer. So sit in a bath, put vitamin C all over your face, and drink some tea. You deserve it.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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