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Why your Skin will Thrive with LiftLab

Why your Skin will Thrive with LiftLab
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Where you and I would freeze in the bitter weather conditions of the arctic or possibly burst into flames in the extreme heat of the dessert, there are plants and animals that survive the world's most hostile environments.

The secret got out: they produce a unique protein that protects against environmental dangers and helps these living organisms heal quicker than their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Such is the magic of Cell Protection Protein®, or CPP® for short.

Together with the founding scientists of LIFTLAB, biotech entrepreneur Elliot Entis began experimenting with the isolated proteins from subarctic fish, which was being used for medical purposes. Years and years of research prove that CPP® protects our skin cells, tissues, organs and enzymes against damage. The female scientists knew it and would sneak in to put it on their skin, because the protective and regenerative effects CPP® has on our skin in all environments are unreal:

  • Jumpstart the production of 41 key skin proteins including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory proteins, regenerative proteins, collagen and elastin
  • Increases skin's natural moisture content —helping to ward off wrinkles, dryness, sagging and other forms of visible aging.
  • Heals skin 95% faster than normal from heat and UVA/UVB assault

With the help of the finest formulators, Entis eventually his own line of products with the protein. LIFTLAB is the world’s only producer of natural CPP®, and this miracle molecule is found only in LIFTLAB products.

Thriving Skin

"You're never too young and you're never too old to begin a regime that will keep the youthful appearance of your skin."

The Total Rejuvenation Cream is the holy grail of the LIFTLAB line - the ultimate breakthrough formula for complexion perfection, if you will.This sophisticated formula troubleshoots every aspect of ageing, on every layer of the skin. It's literally a state-of-the-art elasticity delivery system, containing the most potent level of CPP®. Suitable for all skin types, this cream is also everything that your neck needs.

Are you taking care of your neck? It's what holds up that beautiful face of yours, and the right product could be what prevents you looking like a sad turkey, and instead like an elegant swan. Lift + Perfect is loaded with non-irritating peptides which will trigger collagen growth and keep your neck skin thick.

LiftLab's serums are designed to bring the best out of your skin. Reach for the Lift + Repair Active Serum if you're in need of regeneration, or the Lift + Fix Restore Serum if your skin is sensitive. Store your serums in the fridge to optimize their results. The active ingredient comes from the Arctic remember, so it's more effective when chilled.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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