The Best Liquid Lipstick For An All-Day Pout

Until recently liquid lipsticks were the type of product you may have purchased on a special offer but kept in that junk drawer that clear out once every few years. Well not anymore. All of a sudden, in what seems like a click of a finger liquid lipsticks are available by all of our favorite brands in every shade you can think of.

2017-09-04 16:00:41By Lucinka Hodnett


New: bareMinerals Gen Nude Launch

Introducing bareMInerals Gen Nude Collection, where nude color lips just got hotter!

2016-09-09 05:15:09By Emma


National Lipstick Day the Celebrity Way

July 29th see's the arrival of National Lipstick Day, and in our opinion, there couldn't be a more well deserved appreciation day! We've rounded up the hottest lip looks fresh from our favorite celebrities. See what you think...

2016-07-27 06:00:21By Emma