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Eyeshadow Tips For Eyeshadow Phobes

Eyeshadow Tips For Eyeshadow Phobes
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No matter how good eyeshadow looks on the eyelid, it can be a real pain to apply. Those Pinterest-perfect photos which show a carefully blended, shimmering smokey eye can literally be classed as works of art, hence why make-up professionals are called 'artists'.


If you're one of those who loves wearing eyeshadows but dreads the application process, then help is at hand. We've pulled together some top tips for working that magic and getting the application just right.

Apply a Primer First

If you are only going to take one beauty tip away with you today, let it be this one: Don’t apply eye shadow without applying primer first. Ever! Primer solves the problems of oily lids, creased lids, eyeshadow smearing or fading,  eyeshadow sitting in fine lines, and genuinely just helps your shadow glide on better and last all day.

It doesn't even have to be a specific eyeshadow primer - your face primer does just as good job - but you'll find the one's aimed at sitting underneath eyeshadow are a little lighter and cater just for the lids.

Let the Tools Talk

For that next level eyeshadow look, you owe it to yourself to consider investing in a number of quality eye shadow brushes. Professional quality brushes really do make all the difference, and mainly making it more simple. There are brushes which softly blend the colors together and smudge any lines into the skin, brushes which allow sharp precision, and angled brushes which help color build up and contour at the creases.

Sigma brushes are one of favorites (you can find out why we love them so much here) but bareMinerals also have a few great options too!

Use an Alternative to Powder

Just can't master the powder eyeshadow application? They switch to eyeshadow sticks or creams! Sometimes, when we live busy lives or on a time limit to apply our make-up, eyeshadow is an extra step that can get messy and cause a bit of frantic stress. However, if you swipe on a layer of rich pigmented eyeshadow in the form of a crayon, balm or stick, you get an instant pop of color, all fuss-free!

Utilize Eyeliners

Colored eyeliners can compliment your eyeshdow effectively, especially if you are opting for a natural, light colored eye. Brown eyeliner applied on the upper lash line and lower line brings out blue eyes, and intensifies any color of eyeshadow, You can also use white pencil eye shadow to line your lower waterline. This trick makes your eyes look bigger and more wide awake. It also makes your eyes look wider apart if applied to the inside points of both eyes, close to the nose.

Bottom line: don't underestimate the effect of eyeshadow paired with liners!

If All Fails: Use Matte Brown

There is a fail safe to everything in life, and when it comes to eyeshadow, it's matte brown. It compliments every eye color, goes with any outfit choices, and never dates. It's also a lifesaver for so many beauty things: concealing a wide hair part, contouring under your cheekbones, using as a natural-looking eye liner, and to define and fill in eyebrows. Keep one in your everyday essentials kit!

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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