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Q&A with Rachel Short, Director of Training for Dermablend

Our recent post discovering Dermablend and their fantastic camouflage make-up products went down a real treat with our readers. We had a feeling you would love it – after all, the make-up gives such a flawless full coverage, where just one swipe provides as much coverage as 2-3 of your regular brand. Pretty impressive.

Whether you suffer from acne, blemishes, pigmentation, vitiligo or rosacea, (to name a few), Dermablend comes to the rescue with soft, blendable coverage, without that ‘mask’ feeling.


The brand has come a long way since it’s 1981 launch, where Dermablend now celebrates 35 years of providing exceptional coverage. It’s now a firm favorite for being non acnegenic, non-comedogenic, sensitive skin tested and fragrance free, but the main highlight is that it brings so much confidence to people, for both women and men. People who once felt they couldn’t rely on make-up for confidence now can, and the fact that the high pigment make-up ‘feels like nothing‘ and is so simple to use make it enjoyable and super quick to apply too!

As Dermablend comes in as one of SkinStore’s number 1 selling make-up brands, we wanted to chat to an expert at the brand, to find out more about how this revolutionary brand transforms lives (because it really does!).

Today, Rachel Short, Director of Training for Dermablend, gives us a little more insight to the brand. We ask her all those questions about the products that have been left us intrigued, and of course, we want to know her personal favorite products too. But first, take a look at this brilliantly executed video which really sums up just how empowering and transforming Dermablend can be…


Question: In your opinion, what is the best combination of products to conceal more raised and obvious acne?

Blurring Mousse Camo is the preferred foundation to conceal active acne on the skin. It has a unique aerated mousse texture which allows it to shapes to skins hollows and level bumps. It also contains 0.5% salicylic acid which will help control sebum production, and eperuline, which calms skin’s hyperactivity (regularly found in acne). Should someone have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (acne spots/discoloration) but no present acne, then Cover Creme can provide flawless coverage. With all of our foundations, we recommend our Loose or Compact Setting Powder as it will keep foundation smudge resistance, sweat resistant and non-transferrable for 16 hours.

*Blurring Mousse Camo is a new Dermablend product coming to SkinStore soon! 

Question: Is it safe to use Dermablend products on the beach?

Absolutely! Many people come to our brand because they need body/face coverage for the beach. When our foundations are used with our Setting Powders, it will stay on all day! As with sunscreen, when getting out of the water, pat your skin versus wiping. This will ensure your fully camouflaged for the day

Question: Do you absolutely have to use powder with the foundations? If so, what type of skin benefits the white setting powder, and what type benefits the solid compact?

Yes, if you want it to stay in place. It really allows for stress-free coverage! The ‘white” powder is actually our translucent powder, so it can be used on ALL skin tones from fair- deep. Compact Setting Powder is great for those who want a more portable Setting Powder, or localized setting (think Baking trend), but also idea; for oily skins that need touch-ups throughout the day.

Question: Do you require a certain Dermablend moisturizer is used with the foundations and powders? And if so, how does this differ from using a moisturizer from another brand?

Not at all! Dermablend users can choose any skin care of their choice when using our foundations.

Question: Do you personally wear Dermablend products yourself, and if so, which products do you use?

Of course! I use all of them, depending on the work I am doing. The majority of the time I use our Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation, Smooth Liquid Camo Concealer, Compact Setting Powder and bronzer. On my days off, or when I am running short on time, I use the Intense Powder Camo. It’s flawless coverage in a convenient compact!

Question: What are the future plans for Dermablend? Do you plan to launch other cosmetic lines, for example?

Dermablend is currently going through a transformation. Just as our products transform lives, we are looking in the mirror to see ‘what else can we do’ that is still very true to Dermablend, but perhaps leaping into another franchise. Too early to state anything just yet… except stay tuned!

Question: Tell us which product is the number 1 best seller, and why do you think it is?

Cover Creme has always been our #1 product. It’s our original product since launch in 1981. It’s recognized as the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Camouflage Brand in the US. What is interesting is that our Smooth Liquid Camo is our fastest growing Franchise as our medium coverage foundation. We are captivating a new consumer with this formula which is exciting as well. We really have something for everyone

You can shop the Dermablend range here, where you’ll find the best selling Cover Creme in various shades!



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