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Why Should I Use Light Therapy Devices?

All your light therapy questions now answered in our latest Facebook Live Q&A hosted by the fabulous and unique skincare brand, Baby Quasar.

In exchange for your questions, we also provided the NEW Pink Baby Quasar as a giveaway to one lucky skincare fan, who will update us with their journey on achieving younger looking skin. Keep a look out for the new launch coming soon on SkinStore

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the fabulous Baby Quasar, they are THE brand that has helped thousands of people improve their skin for 15 years. The Quasar Bio-Tech products are renowned for being the key tools that help transform both your skin and your life.

Their brand representative, Denette Adix, answered the burning beauty questions of  our dear customers – each with specific skincare concerns and most importantly, emphasis placed on the safety of the product range for use to all skin types. To help you on your skincare journey and ensure a full education of your soon-to-be new fave, we’ve rounded all your questions below.

Question: Is the Baby Quasar okay for sensitive skin?

Very safe for sensitive skin. Be sure to do the light sensitivity test in the manual.

Question: For how long do you have to use it?

You can treat up to 5 times a week, after about 8 weeks, do maintenance treatments 1-2 times a week.

Question: What are the long-term side effects of using this?

There isn’t any long term side effects. No, there isn’t any radiation, UVA, UBB or UVC in the Quasar Devices. They are completely safe.

Question: Can you use all over the body or just certain areas?

The anti-aging devices are FDA cleared for full face and the acne devices can be used anywhere on the body.

Question: What are the benefits of using this?

Our red lights are for anti-aging, our blue lights treat acne.

Question: Would this help for the more mature woman?

Our red lights are FDA cleared for treating wrinkles and building new collagen. Baby Quasar Plus, Quasar MD Plus and Pure Rayz.

Question: Can this be used on sun damaged skin?

All our lights are safe to use on sun damaged skin.

Question: Would we see tighten of the skin tone and less sagging?

Our red lights build new collagen, thereby firming the skin.

Question: Does it work on all skin tones?

Our tools are safe and effective on all skin tones.

Question: Can you use serums after using or do you recommend using serum before?

We recommend treatment on clean, dry skin.

Question: Is it best to use this in the morning or at night?

You can use in the morning or the evening – it does not matter.

Question: Is the Pink Baby Quasar safe to use around the eye area?

All of the devices come with goggles or you can just close your eyes when treating around the eyes. Yes it is safe to use around the eyes.

Question: What does it treat? Acne, scars, wrinkles? Is it safe for sensitive skin and how long do is each session?

Our red lights are for anti-aging, blue lights are for treating acne. There are no harmful rays and very safe for sensitive skin. A full face treatment takes about 12 minutes.

Question: Can I use products before doing treatments?

Clean dry skin. If you choose to use an anti-aging serum or gel, apply and let the serum or gel completely emulsify (dry) before starting treatments with the device. Always do a product/light test on the inside of your arm before you apply product/ light to the face. Do not use any creams or lotions before doing treatments. Creams and lotions are heavy and greasy and can cause a barrier between the skin and light penetration.

Question: I have a teenage son who due to infant acne on his cheeks has some scarring and uneven skin. Would this be a product that could benefit him?

The Clear Rayz has the red on one side for inflammation/healing and the blue on the other side to kill the p bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the pore. It is for inflammatory acne (redness, inflammation and pustules). The Baby Blue only has the blue light to kill the p bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the pore. The Baby Blue is more for small blemishes and to prevent the acne from coming back.

Question: What's the life span for this device?

The devices have a lifetime warranty.

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